What’s the Future for SmartThings in the UK?

Apart from buying direct from Samsung, the SmartThings system has been exclusively available from Currys in the UK. Stock availability has been frustratingly bad at times, especially during special offer periods and despite promises from ST staff on their forums, nothing much has changed.

Today that exclusive deal ends as SmartThings becomes availabe from Amazon UK. However, most items have gone straight to ‘Temporarily out of stock’.

There seems to be a lot of chatter in the smart home world questioning the long term commitment of SmartThings to the UK market. Apart from the recent addition of the Amazon Echo, the UK supported hardware list has rarely if ever been updated.

We entered into a dialogue with Samsung’s PR for a quote on their UK policy moving forward, but in the end they declined to comment.

We like SmartThings and hope the rumours aren’t true, but Samsung, it’s time for an unambiguous statement on your commitment to the UK. Let us all get on and grow our systems or move on to something else.

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3 Comments on "What’s the Future for SmartThings in the UK?"

  1. They’re probably unavailable due to mysterious explosions! 😉

    In all seriousness though I’d never trust SmartThings as a home automation controller. There’s just too much “cloud” requirement to be trustworthy.

  2. @Durosity – The only people that will be able to avoid it are n3rds like us 🙂 But I guarantee mass market home automation will all be cloud based.

  3. Joseph Mack | October 20, 2016 at 2:37 pm |

    The Samsung Smartthings is definintely the smart home automation hub to beat. Although it will be interesting on how much Google can take with it’s GoogleHome product.

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