X10 Going into Receivership


X10 Gone

It seems the rumours of the last few weeks are true and X10 is really heading into receivership.  We’ve heard on the grape vine that Marmitek may have done an exclusive deal with ShangHai Super Smart Electronics to continue to supply X10 products.  We also spoke to a couple of UK Home Automation retailers too who told us they have a ‘good level of stock’.

The 1970’s technology has had a pretty amazing run really, but it’s time to pass the metaphorical baton to much more modern systems like Z-Wave and LightWaveRF now.

Even so, X10 will always have a special place in our tech-heart, as we (and plenty of you too we’re guessing) found our way into Home Automaton through it’s affordable range of magical modules. RIP X10.

X10.com   :   Z-Wave   :   LightWaveRF

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7 Comments on "X10 Going into Receivership"

  1. Michael Johnson | September 29, 2011 at 8:30 pm |

    ahh mann so are x10 shutting down or are they going do bring out new devices??

  2. OOH!!

    Just as well i have plans afoot to move from x10 to velbus so!! Sad to see it go, it has been a good intro for most (I wired my entire house with x10 when I built it 10 years ago), but never really advanced or improved much in functionality etc over the last decade!!

  3. We’ve certainly got good stock of X10 products at the moment, and the Chinese X10 range is still available – so it’s not ‘dead’ as such, just that X10 themselves (the people who make the old fashioned looking plug in modules, etc) have gone under…
    This may actually mean a move to a full range of better modules, circuits, etc. from the Chinese manufacturers – time will tell!


  4. michael johnson | October 2, 2011 at 4:53 pm |

    Right then lets hope they have stronger transmitters!

    But tbh light wave rf looks fairly promissing !

  5. i was just gona try import their Airpad – think i might just give it a miss now….oh well

  6. There seems to be so little information on this subject. X10 the (American)company is this in receivership?

    Certainly nobody is promoting the brand but it does still seem to be available – is this just companies shifting old stock?

  7. Steve Kopcial | October 29, 2017 at 3:00 am |

    Im done with X10, Its been nothing short of a circus for the past 10 years. Purchasing Insteon & Universal Devices ISY with 3 Alexas Verbal commands to turn everything on and off…

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