xAP Curtain Control


The xAP community continues to develop applications for the now frozen V1.0 of the standard.  Ian Lowe has now interfaced a second hardware device to a xAP interface – his curtains!

“This scary collection of breadboard wiring basically allows the PIC to pulse the “A” and “B” signal lines of the K400 in the pattern required to force an open or close of the curtains (rather than just toggling, like the button does).

The code is in place to allow the original push button, and LDR light sensor to connect to the PIC, although this isn;t tested yet. I dont fancy butchering one of my Swish switches, just for testing.

As for the xAP side of things, this device responds to one keyword with four possible values:

  • Curtain=OPEN
  • Curtain=CLOSE
  • Curtain=DAWNDUSK
  • Curtain=MANUAL

guess what those do, huh? each command (or a button press, or the LDR causing “night” or “day” mode) will result in a xAP notification being sent”… To find out more about the xAP protocol check out these links.
Ian Lowes Curtain Interface  :  Official xAP Site  :  xAP Yahoo Group (mailing list)

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