AirRemote for iPhone Brings Total Home Control


Yes, it’s another iPhone remote do-hicky, but this one is really interesting.  Created in the UK by Steve Moore the system comprises of two parts.

An iPhone / iPod touch application and a hardware base station that recevies the commands from the iPhone app and converts them to IR and Serial commands allowing you to control anything from a TV to an entire AMX home automation system.

The hardware appears to be Global Cache GC-100 Network Adapter that’ll set you back around $150, plus the app which is due to go on sale for $100 when the iPhone store launches on the 11th July.

“The beauty of the iPod Touch or iPhone versus other tablets is that it has bullet-proof WiFi, doesn’t need to wait for Windows to boot up, and can be held in a hand,” says Moore. “And they sell loads of them so they cost almost nothing…..

Global Cache GC-100 Network Adapter

In addition to the basic AirRemote control solution, the application also enables control of AMX or Crestron automation system, allowing users to operate lights, security, audio/video, thermostats and virtually any other electronic system connected to an AMX or Crestron system.


AirRemote also supports the Kaleidescape media server “with all the album/cover art on the iPhone, and it links to the Web to bring you more artist/actor/director information,” Moore says.”   :

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3 Comments on "AirRemote for iPhone Brings Total Home Control"

  1. Very nice! As it seems to be IP based presumably you could control stuff over the Internet too then?

  2. so easy:-) Its time to move on, isn’t?

  3. Latest Mobile Phones | July 7, 2008 at 6:55 am |

    its great technology emerging out to control the home automation systems. There is no need to have any other remote like device. Just control everything by Mobile Phones .

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