Apple Announce Raft of Updates and New Products at MacWorld

So all eyes swing from last weeks CES show to MacWorld and possibly the most anticipated keynote of the year for tech heads.  Steve Jobs presented the iPhone to the world last year, so what toys does Apple have for us all this year.  Well, lots to interest the smart home enthusiast – Time Capsule, software updates for iPhone and iPod Touch, Movie Rentals for iTunes, new Apple TV UI and features, oh, and MacBook Air, the worlds thinest laptop.  For all the details you need read on…

We just finished monitoring the Keynote (why on earth don’t Apple stream it yet?) and here are the details you need.

Time Capsule – New wireless backup device with built in “enterprise class” hard drive.  Use TimeMachine wirlessly to backup your notebook etc.  500gig $299, 1Terabyte $499

New iPhone update – Broadly as leaked 1.1.3 – Customise home screen, save bookmarks to home screen, multiperson SMS, triangulated Cell location in Maps etc, SDK coming Feb

ipod touch update – Officially adding Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather all to the iPod Touch.  Update for the iPod Touch will be $20 (iPhone upate free)

iTunes Movie Rentals –  Every major studio is signed up – touchstone, miramax, lions gate, paramount, universal, song, walt disney, fox, Warner Bros etc.  Movies will be available 30 days after the DVD release. $3.99 for new releases, older titles $2.99.  Launches in US today, other markets to follow later this year.

New AppleTV – New GUI.  No longer requires a computer – can stream/download direct from the Net, HD rentals $4.99 (A00 titles currently).  Free software update (out in 2 weeks) for all old AppleTVs (not clear what hardware differences in new one if any?).  Trying to make it more accessible so cutting price – new price of Apple TV starting today is $229 (was $299).

MacBookAir – Worlds thinnest notebook, but full sized display and a full sized keyboard instead of shrinking it down.  13.3″ LED backlit for better battery.  0.16″ to 0.76″ thick.iPhone gestures work on the trackpad.  80GB HDD standard or a 64GB SSD that is optional.  No optical drice – $99 accessory drive available that is bus powered or share other PC/Mac optical drive with new setup system for software installs.  New 60% smaller 1.6Ghzand 1,8Ghz Core 2 Duo Processors.  USB 2.0, micro DVI, 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR are integrated, 2Gig RAM standard. 5 hr battery life. $1799 shipping in 2 weeks.
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