Apple Announce Second Generation Apple TV iTV

Second Generation Apple TV


Apple have just announced their Apple TV replacement.  The device is one quarter the size of the first generation unit.  It has built in power supply, HDMI connector, Ethernet and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Described as ‘Silent, Cool and Tiny‘ gone is the ability to purchase videos – yuou can only rent now.  Renting a TV episode now costs $0.99 (ABC and Fox in the US to start with).  I addition to renting Movies and TV from Apple, US users can stream from NetFlix too.  YouTube HD playback is supported and Flickr and MobileMe plus local music and video too – (we assume to the same locked set of codecs).

Price has fallen from $229 to $99 (the rumours were true) – Available to pre-order today – available in four weeks time.  No sign of iOS as the operationg system for the new Apple TV though – so no talk of Apps either. Nothing mentioned about local storage size (presumably Flash).  No change to rumoured ‘iTV’ name.  Still called Apple TV.

“With AirPlay, you can stream music and video from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, too. So if you feel like watching a movie you have on one of your devices, you don’t need to rent or buy it again. Just tap to start playing content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then tap again to instantly stream whatever you’re watching — or listening to — directly to Apple TV. AirPlay is coming soon to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch near you.1″ –

Second Generation Apple TV

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4 Comments on "Apple Announce Second Generation Apple TV iTV"

  1. What a pointless update, I’m huge AppleTV fan and I wanted just two things, 1080p and the ability to access media on a NAS box. Instead we can’t purchase anything and have to stream our content from our iTunes library (much like before) so you have to have your Mac/PC on in order to watch your media – how rubbish is that?!

    This should be called “HollywoodTV” as it’s clear Apple are being held to ransom by the studios.

    I will sticking with my older AppleTV, at least it has storage.

  2. If is it able to be ‘repurposed’ then it will make a competitively priced silent plug-computer equiv. Could be ideal as a display and audio manager in conjunction with itouch/iphone control apps for HomeCamp type projects.

  3. I find it odd that they haven’t called it something like “Apple TV Nano”.

    With the introduction of HDMI outputs (alongside the digital optical out that has been on Mac Minis for some years), the Mac Mini is look like a great “high end” media PC, doing everything the old AppleTV did, plus having a built in DVD player, oh, and an operating system that runs all kinds of stuff 🙂

    This product does introduce some new things (new to Apple, that is, not new to the class), and presumably has some tweaks to the interface…

    … but I can’t help feel that Apple are opening up a gap in between the two that, frankly, the previous generation AppleTV potentially would have filled, particularly if it had had the 1080p and NAS access that jordy wants.

    Come on Apple – indexing a NAS is something that Sonos does very, very, well. You need a tiny amount of SSD to hold the INDEX!

  4. So, ignoring the movie rental aspects, it’s essentially an Airport Express with video, up to 720p … that feeds off other devices on the network, computers, NAS, etc … seems a good price for that, assuming it really doesn’t pause & stutter (?)

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