Apple Macintosh Z-Wave Home Automation System

Apple Macintosh Z-Wave TrickleStar

Asian manufacturers, TrickleStar has launched an Apple Macintosh Z-Wave-compatible system.  Using their USB stick and software widget, the Mac can now be used as the central controlling unit for Z-Wave home control networks. Mac users will now be able to control their lighting, heating, entertainment and security systems with just a few clicks of the mouse, while improving comfort in the home and reducing energy costs. The widget will be available as a free download by December 17 on the TrickleStar homepage.

“TrickleStar now gives Apple users access to the Z-Wave home control ecosystem, through which home owners can choose from a range of over 300 products from 170 manufacturers, all mutually compatible. Consumers with a Z-Wave home network can realize dramatic cost savings by the monitoring and regulation of home energy consumption through these intelligent tools.

Z-Wave Apple Mac Widget – With the Z-Wave Apple Mac Widget, TrickleStar is offering a home control management tool that is quickly installed and simple to operate. The mini-software works with the Apple operating system version OSX 10.5 and above, and can be used as a dashboard application. The Widget is ideal for smaller Z-Wave networks, as it can control up to 16 devices simultaneously. It also supports standard functions such as on and off switching and dimming, and can perform simple time planning and control operations, depending on the status of the computer. If desired, it is able to warn the user automatically of pre-programmed events. For convenience and security, back-up copies are saved of all processes (in the form of log files), as well as the configuration of the widget and the Z-Wave routing tables.

Z-Wave USB stick
– The Z-Wave USB stick from TrickleStar makes devices with USB connections such as Macs, PCs, laptops, set-top boxes or gateways a central control point for the home network. It is compatible with home management software from manufacturers such as HomeSeer, Embedded Automation and ControlThink, all of which allow the user to monitor and manage the status of all devices in the network via their computer.

Z-Wave remote control
– The Z-Wave-enabled remote control from TrickleStar can be used for all Z-Wave compatible devices such as dimmers, switches, roller blinds etc. It has a setting and operation mode and is fitted with two simple on/off and up/down buttons to select functions.”

The USB Z-Wave device has driver available for all the following OS’s

  • Windows™ 98/SE/ME,
  • Windows™ 2003/XP,Vista
  • Mac™ OS 10.1/10.5 or above.
  • Linux RedHat™ 7.3/8.0/9.0

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