Apple Reveal iPhone 6, 6 Plus & Apple Watch – All the Details at a Glance

Todays long awaited Apple event has revealed 2 new iPhones, an electronic payments service and the Apple Watch. As in previous years many of the leaks were legitimate as Apple continues to lose the tight control they love once the new products hit production in China. Here’s your at-a-glance cheat sheet for all the interesting new stuff…

iPhone 6

  • 4.7″ – 1334 x 750 pixels
  • Ion strengthened glass (no Sapphire)
  • IPS Display
  • 6.9 mm thick
  • New A8 2nd Gen 64 Bit CPU, 13% Smaller than A7
  • Up to 25% better CPU 50% better GPU.
  • 11 hours video playback battery performance
  • New Barometer sensor (tracks elevation as well as distance)
  • 150mb/s LTE on 20 bands
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • New Sensor 8mp Camera, f/2.2, ‘Focus Pixels’ focus’ twice as fast
  • 1080p @ 60fps, 240fps slo-mo @ 720p (up from 120)
  • New front FaceTime camera
  • Gold, Silver, Space Grey
  • Ships Sept 19th in UK (pre-order from the 12th)
  • iOS 8 released Sept 17th

iPhone 6 Plus

  • All above plus…
  • 5.5″ – 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 7.1 mm thick
  • 14 hours video playback battery performance
  • iPhone 6 has “digital” image stabilisation, 6 Plus has optical image stabilisation


Apple Pay

  • New electronic wallet / payments service
  • NFC with Touch ID
  • New ‘secure element’ hardware store
  • Add your card to passbook by photographing with your phone camera
  • Tokenised one-time number use
  • One-touch checkout using mobile apps
  • Launches in USA (only) this October


Apple WatchApple Watch

  • Flexible retina display laminated to Sapphire Crystal face
  • Sensors on back for pulse rate
  • Wireless magsafe charging
  • “Comprehensive health and fitness device”
  • “Break through user interface”
  • Digital Crown translate rotary movement into Data – like a mini-click-wheel for your watch
  • Senses raising of your wrist and turns on display
  • Siri built in
  • Hard press for ‘force touch’ contextual menus
  • “Taptic Engine” taps your wrist to alert you
  • S1 SoC
  • 2 Sizes, 3 versions with multiple strap and construction options
  • ‘Watch Kit’ SDK for devs
  • Honeywell & Lutron apps for Home Automation
  • Works with iPhone 5 or above
  • No mention of battery life?
  • Prices from $349
  • Available ‘Early 2015″

Apple Watch Lutron

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2 Comments on "Apple Reveal iPhone 6, 6 Plus & Apple Watch – All the Details at a Glance"

  1. quite a variety of watch styles – some look pretty good, especially the sport versions …

    have heard the assumption is people will charge nightly …

    being an adjunct to the ‘phone sounds good to me, lift hand to see time would be better than having to do what we do to the ‘phone, plus all the other functions …

    didn’t expect to be interested, but maybe …

  2. Just imagine the possibilities for home automation… I can’t wait to see what developers are going to do with it.

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