Apple TV Arrives – Quick Unboxing Photos

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Our second generation Apple TV just hit our desk so here are some quick unboxing photos for your viewing pleasure…

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4 Comments on "Apple TV Arrives – Quick Unboxing Photos"

  1. It’s wonderful, and so tiny. After a few minutes of entering iTunes accounts and wifi passwords, and turning on HomeSharing on iTunes, it’s a breeze.

    Found it strange that the Apple TV only “sees” items in iTunes that are ticked. Would have preferred it to see everything.

    Tapping left and right buttons rewinds and fast forwards at different speeds for video. However, the buttons seemed to work differently for podcasts and music – which was confusing.

    No access to streamed TV shows yet (US folk have Netflix) – however, there looked to be a large supply of films available to rent.

    Liked the way the screensaver can use photos off Flickr.

  2. Is it possible to set it up so it ONLY sees stuff on my home network?

    I have stuff that I’m happy for my young children to see on there…

    … but wouldn’t want them to go off to the Internet and see stuff that I don’t want to pay a rental fee for.

  3. Chris Simon | October 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm |

    I don’t understand what Apple TV does that is different from any other media player with live content, e.g WD TV Live, which also acts as a DLNA media renderer that integrates with any media server. It’s cheaper too.

  4. I like to listen radio and something I used to do with the older version of Apple TV. At the moment you can only listen the radio station they have listed in the radio section… 🙁

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