Apple WWDC Keynote 2013 – Here’s Your Cheat Sheet

Apple’s 2013 WWDC Keynote has just finished. Here’s our cheat sheet for the news that Apple released today…

iTunes Radio

  • Built into iOS Music App
  • Built into iTunes on your Desktop
  • Streaming ‘stations’ for Genres
  • Free (with Ads)
  • Free (with No Ads) for iTunes match customers
  • Available in USA now – other countries to follow

iOS 7

  • New User Interface “the biggest change to iOS since the iphone”
  • New cleaner design , colours, icons, parallax 3D effect
  • Animated Wall paper
  • Lots of Black on White as rumoured
  • Swipe to the right to go back in many apps
  • Multiple Pages now in each folder
  • Notifications available from lock screen
  • Control Centre – fast access to settings by swiping up
  • Intelligent Scheduling – better multi-tasking
  • Improved switching between Apps
  • Integrates with OS X Mavericks iCloud Keychain (see below)
  • New Rolodex looks to Safari tabs
  • Airdrop for Apps that use the share sheet
  • Photos organised into ‘Moments’ by using GPS & Time data
  • Siri Voice Updated – Choose Male or Female
  • Siri integrated with Bing search and Wikipedia
  • More iOS Car integration coming in 2014
  • App store updates are now automatic
  • Notification Sync across devices
  • Audio only FaceTime option
  • Developer beta available today for iPhone (iPad beta to follow)
  • Released ‘this Fall’


  • iCloud deeply integrated in next iWork
  • iWork for iCloud – in a Browser, on a Mac or a PC
  • Supports Safari, IE & Chrome
  • Developer Beta today – all users ‘later in the year’

Mac Pro

  • ‘Sneak Peek’ at new Mac Pro
  • Tiny Black Cylinder Design (1/8 volume of previous design)
  • Up to12 core
  • PCI Express Gen 3
  • 1866MHz RAM
  • 1,25GBps Flash (10x Faster than any hard drive)
  • Thunderbolt 2 – 20Gbps
  • Dual Workstation GPUs – 528 GBps Bandwidth
  • 4K Display Support (up to 3 at a time)
  • Coming Later this year – Assembled in USA

MacBook Air

  • New Airs with Haswell CPU for ‘All day battery life’
  • 9 hour battery life for 11″ and 12 hours for 13″
  • 802.11ac WiFi for up to 3x faster than previous
  • 11″ starts @ $999 13″ @ $1099
  • Shipping today


  • New 802.11ac Airport Extreme and TimeCapsule


  • The end of the Lions – OS X v10.9 Is called “Mavericks”
  • Finder now features Tabs
  • Multi-Monitor support seems to be fixed at last
  • Airplay an OSX screen to an Apple TV
  • New power saving and memory compression technologies
  • iCloud Keychain for Sync’d passwords – 1Password-esque
  • Maps App on the Mac which can send route to iPhone
  • iBooks App on the Mac
  • Developer preview available today
  • Public release “this Fall”


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  1. Nothing on Biometrics or NFC hardware integration with iOS devices.

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