AppleTV On Sale Now

Well, iTV is now Apple TV and it’s on sale RIGHT NOW at £199.99! (Shipping Feb) Stream iTunes Videos, Music and Photos to your TV via wired Ethernet or WiFi, and feeds your HD TV with its HDMI connection (720p). A built in 40Gig harddrive will store “up to 50 hours of video”…

Any time is prime time – Now there’s always something good on TV. With Apple TV, you can enjoy the home movies, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library, plus photos and movie trailers, on your widescreen TV – wirelessly, from your Mac or PC.

Download – Ready to be entertained? Simply make sure you’ve imported all your videos, music, and photos into the iTunes library on your computer. Then let Apple TV do the rest…

Sync – Apple TV automatically grabs the digital media on your computer and makes it available for you to enjoy on your TV. Best of all, whenever you add something new in iTunes, Apple TV updates automatically.

Watch – Thanks to the intuitive interface, finding what you want to watch is as easy as navigating a few simple menu items using the included Apple Remote. Just a few clicks and you’ll be enjoying all your favorites from the comfort of your couch.”


View and order online now at Apple TV

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