Beecon is Free iBeacon Home Automation App

It’s a year since Apple announced iBeacon (check out our explanation of the technology here).

Now the Beecon App aims to combine home automation with the iBeacon tech to enable users to trigger events based on proximity to things, places or locations.

Such scenario didn’t exist prior to iBeacons. GPS, as you know, doesn’t really provide indoor location in any level or accuracy. NFC also does not offer the “proximity” factor that Bluetooth beacons have: you can detect how far or close you are from a beacon based on its RSSI/signal strength.

Now you can manage, detect and range iBeacons around you, create multiple regions and define actions that are triggered when you enter or leave them. Read on for the range of Home Automation hardware currently supported…

Beecon is Free iBeacon Home Automation App

Currently, the app allows users to control Hue and LIFX lights, control IR appliances (through Global Cache iTach module), call servers or URL with custom actions, read Estimote beacons temperature and execute things based on the temperature result, tweet messages and automatically launch a few iOS apps as well. It offers flexible connectivity options to users, from basic/beginners to more advanced ones who may have a dedicated automation server and the skills to connect the app to it.

We’re always in the search of new features and hardware partnerships. The app is being adjusted to be compatible with iOS8 new Home Kit that will allow iOS users to control home appliances by using voice/Siri. The most recent feature is called “Spoken Alerts”, which offer audible feedback to visually impaired people or users who simply want to know what is being done without having to take the phone out of the pocket.

The Beecon app is optimised for the iPhone 5 and above, but any iPhone (above model 4S) that supports Bluetooth 4.0/BLE/BluetoothSmart is compatible.  :  iBeacons Explained

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