Boxee iPhone Remote App Now Available

Boxee Remote

Boxee have just released their own iPhone remote control app on the iTunes store.  The free app has a regular button mode and a second more interesting “gesture” interface.  The Boxee team are asking users for feedback so they can take the project forward offering more functionality…

“Took a while, but we finally got our iPhone remote app approved.  should be good news for anybody who lost their tiny Apple remote.. : )

it is very basic, but we think it’s a good start. Based on your feedback we’ll add more functionality to it so please post your ideas on


  • the boxee remote app has two modes: Gesture and Buttons
  • in the Gesture mode you need to hold down your thumb and move it around in order to navigate.
  • clicking on the boxee logo acts as Select/Play/Pause
  • dragging the boxee logo to the edges of the screen will act as a continuous up/down/left/right
  • clicking in an input field will open up the iPhone Qwerty keyboard and will enable you to easily enter text
  • the app works over WiFi, so make sure the WiFi on your iPhone is turned on

let us know what you think!”

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