Crestron iPad App

Crestron iPad Touchscreen App

Crestron have announced their ‘Crestron Mobile’ and ‘Crestron Mobile Pro’ apps are now ready for the iPad.  The new versions will be available to run on the iPhone and iPod touch as before, with the addition of the ability to run at the iPads native resolution…

“Crestron Mobile™ harnesses the power of 3G and Edge networks to stay connected to the home or office when you’re on the go. View alarm status, adjust lights and room temperature while lying on the beach or sitting in traffic.

Crestron Mobile Pro™ provides even greater power and flexibility to control your whole house, including pre-set audio and lighting scenes, home entertainment and more. Both apps are compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad. : : [Via:] Thanks Richard

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