Demopad Software Brings IR Control to Your iPhone or iPad

Keene Electronics iPhone / iPad IR Control

Here’s a neat combination of hardware and software to allow you to control your AV system from your iOS device.  The Demopad app provides the customisable front end to your control set-up, while the Keene KIRA128 IP to infra-red module allows you to learn, store and send the commands.

A new app from Demopad software allows easy IR control of your AV equipment from your iPhone or iPad – DemoPad Software Ltd has teamed up with Keene Electronics to give you a customisable infra-red control solution for your iPhone. Simply purchase the DemoControl Lite app from the iTunes store, and a KIRA128 IP to infra-red module from Keene Electronics & you can control several devices via infra-red, using your iPhone.

Using Keene Electronic’s software, you can learn & store up to 128 infra-red codes in the KIRA128 device, and the DemoControl Lite app can activate any of these commands from a generic user interface (containing a TV, Set Top Box & DVD remote control)

The KIRA128 is an IP based network device compatible with 36-40K IR signals which covers the majority of domestic AV equipment. A wide band IR receiver can be purchased separately that will extend the range to cover 20KHz to 120KHz if required. The IR Inputs and outputs are fully compatible with the Keene IR Distribution range allowing a wide range of different receivers and emitter wands to be incorporated.

For a total outlay of under £80 this combination offers an unprecedented level of convenience for any iPhone owner.

Typical Uses:

  • in-house device control
  • Away from home device control

The Keene product page is available here.  The Demopad product page is available here.  The DemoControl Lite app is available from the iTunes store now for £4.99 and the KIRA128 is available now at £74.99.

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  1. Feb 2011 update – the DemoControlLite app is currently free on iTunes, and you can also use it to test the PC designer software used with the full DemoControlHD app

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