Found Video : Tour of iPad Controlled Award Winning Savant Powered Smart Home

Here’s an interesting video showing an award winning home automation system powered by Savant.  The Apple based set-up uses wall mounted iPads to control the home, including some fun elements like a virtual ‘dinner bell’ to call the kids to eat.  Also check out the front door CCTV image superimposed over the TV screen when someone rings the bell.  The audio seems to be out of sync but still well worth a watch…

“HD Media Systems, a Savant dealer, is an Electronic House Home of the Year Gold Winner for 2011! HD Media Systems was instrumental in designing, installing and programming the home of Angie and Shannon Davis that is controlled by Savant home automation products.

Savant designs, develops and manufactures a complete suite of integrated solutions that have defined the modern age of home control, automation, entertainment and communications.

These products deliver an array of applications and services beyond traditional control and automation functionality, such as multi-room audio and video, advanced digital audio and video processing, extremely flexible and scalable audio and video switching, digital media server and jukebox capabilities, telephony, and an array of integrated applications and services.”

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