Found Video : Tour of the Savant Experience Home Automation Showcase

A very cool video tour of of the Savant Experience Centre in New York City with CEO and founder of Savant, Bob Madonna.  Savant has constructed this 8000 square foot living space to showcase their Apple based home automation system. The video includes demo’s of lighting and AV control from the iPad and iPhone as well as touchscreen TVs and back projection screen.  There’s even talk of 50 mac minis powering one installation!  Watch and drool…

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4 Comments on "Found Video : Tour of the Savant Experience Home Automation Showcase"

  1. Awesome setup! Anybody know What is that iPad dock they used?

  2. Nice setup. Though I wouldn’t want rear projection in my eyes everytime I go to the closet or restroom. I’d love to see the necessary budget for maintenance costs. Also, the music editing was horrible (should be able to hear interviewee) and that correspondent was sacrificing a lot of tact for small annoying jokes. I’ll skip his reports from now on.

  3. Steve Maitland | January 4, 2011 at 3:36 pm |

    I agree with Dan

    As an engineer it would drive me crazy

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