Free iPhone App Released for C-Bus Wiser Smart Home Controller

C-Bus Wiser iPhone App

The C-Bus Wiser goodness just keeps on coming.  The free iPone app to control the system is now available on the iTunes apps store, giving control of your lighting, climate, entertainment, energy and camera monitoring from within your home via WiFi or away from home over the cellular data network.  Check out the demonstration video after the jump.

“The Wiser application provides a iPhone/iTouch connection to your Wiser Home Control system.  Either locally, through your home’s wireless access point or via your mobile phone’s 3G connection, control of your home through Wiser is as simple as connecting.  Once connected there is nothing to configure.  You will have available at your fingertips, everything yourWiser Home Controller has access to. 

This may include lighting, climate, entertainment as well as energy and camera monitoring.  You can even have multiple connections simultaneously with a consistent, user experience across all”

C-Bus Wiser iPhone App

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