Inexpensive iPad & iPad 2 Compatible Wall Mount Bracket

iPad Wall Bracket

We all know how great an iPad looks mounted on a wall and it’s a peach of a home automation touchscreen controller.  We’ve covered plenty of wall mounting systems already but most have brought groans of pain when we reached the price part of the PR.  Here’s a new solution, that may not be the prettiest or the highest of tech, but it’s refreshingly inexpensive.  Check out the video after the jump.

“Rochester, New York – The Pad Bracket iPad wall-mount, ‘Made in the USA’ by ClayWare Games, LLC, is compatible with the iPad 2. Use your iPad and iPad 2 temporarily wall-mounted in the Pad Bracket hands-free at eye-level in both landscape and portrait. The Pad Bracket even wall-mounts an iPad 2 with the Smart Cover still attached. The Pad Bracket works great with FaceTime, PhotoBooth and more. Also wall-mounts the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

The Pad Bracket iPad wall-mount is available in black, white and clear. The black or white will blend into the black or white of your iPad 2, or, depending on your preference, contrast nicely black on white, and the clear will blend into your wall; the Pad Bracket aesthetic is as minimal and elegant as the iPad 2 itself!

“I see the iPad 2 Smart Cover as an integral part of Apple’s iPad 2 design, so I think it’s a necessary purchase,” says ClayWare Co-founder Debra Lewis. “To use the Pad Bracket wall-mount with your Smart Cover still attached to your iPad 2, simply flap the Smart Cover around the back of your iPad 2 and slide it into your Pad Bracket safely mounted on the wall. It is easy to place your iPad in the Pad Bracket, easy to switch between landscape and portrait, and easy to remove your iPad when on the go!”

With the introduction of FaceTime for the iPad 2, wall-mounting your iPad just got even more interesting. Imagine the home phone of the future: FaceTime on your iPad 2 wall-mounted in a Pad Bracket. Go about your business cleaning the kitchen, or playing with your children, while the Pad Bracket displays your FaceTime call for easy hands-free access and display.

“The Pad Bracket wall-mount is perfect for FaceTime. It allows you to use your iPad without having to hold it in your hands, while also freeing up valuable surface space and keeping your iPad away from the dangers of spills, pets and kids,” says ClayWare Co-founder Debra Lewis. “Sit or stand tall and view your iPad at eye level with improved posture, and save yourself from the perils of ‘computer-back.’ Display FaceTime, Photo Booth, Garage Band, presentations, movies, slideshows, recipes, calendars, and more.”

ClayWare just released a free app that will further enhance your wall-mounted iPad and iPad 2 experience: Video Loop Presenter, an app which allows you to loop video for your tradeshows, presentations and other video display needs.

Pricing and Availability – The Pad Bracket, “A home for your iPad,” retails for an affordable $24.95 (USD). Also offered are discounts on multiple units: buy two and get the third half price, and buy three get a fourth for free. Affordable enough to buy a few for the many locations around your home and business where your iPad comes in handy. Bulk and wholesale pricing also available.

Buy the PadBracket Here : Pad Bracket : iPad Wall Mounts on Amazon : iPad Wall Mounts on eBay

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2 Comments on "Inexpensive iPad & iPad 2 Compatible Wall Mount Bracket"

  1. What a great idea. Very simple to install. But…what about wall protection? I can see a lot of use or abuse on the wall as your hands rub against the wall as you place or remove the iPod from the bracket. After several months of use I can see a new looking wall color, and going up from the bracket there will be two vertical discolored lines appearing to the right and left where the iPad will sit. Maybe some thought into this issue should be applied into an upgraded version with wall protection.

    OK… and I think a check in the mail for the forethought please. :~)


  2. I wonder whether it works with iPad leather cases???

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