Inexpensive Loxone WallMount for iPad and iPad2

[UPDATE – check out the new iPad wallmount here] The Loxone iPad WallMount provides a simple and inexpensive way to attach your shiny iOS home automation touch screen controller to the wall.  Check out the video after the jump..

The holder is a simple design, 2 screws attach the long narrow plastic strip to your wall in either portrait or landscape orientation.  The unit comes with a plastic replica of a dock connector on one end which you can use right out of the box.  However, if you want to charge your iPad on the wall then the plastic version slips out, allowing you to snap in a dock connector charging cable in it’s place.  The rear of the mount has a moulded channel to help hide the cable, although you’re going to have to run that cable up your wall to get it to the bracket in the first place.

The Loxone WallMount is available for the original iPad and the iPad 2 in either black or white priced from around £24 to £34 currently.  With the iPad 3 announcement immanent (March 7th) and a rumoured 1mm increase in thickness (to accommodate the new retina display and its back-light) it remains to be seen if the iPad 2 model will work with the 3.  However for now, the Loxone WallMount is a simple and inexpensive way to wall mount your iPad and keep it charging too.

Loxone iPad2 WallMount Rear

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