iWalk Affordable USB-C PD 45W Battery to Power 15″ or 13″ MacBook Pro

iWalk Furious MacBook Pro Battery

The USB-C MacBook and MacBook Pros can be charged from a variety of third party chargers, including external batteries.

Not just any old USB battery will do though, they need to be PD batteries (Power Delivery) and have an output high enough to cope with the demands of a modern laptop.

iWalk Battery for MacBook Pro

There are all sorts of prices for these things, many at £100+, so I set about looking for something that was more affordable to use with my new MacBook Pro. After a lot of reading I settled on the iWalk ‘Furious’ Portable Charger Power Bank and ordered it from Amazon.

Most of these batteries top out around 20,000mAh these days as bigger batteries can fall foul of airline and TSA rules on taking Lithium Ion onto aircraft.

While I bought the unit to take on my travels, I also wanted something to use around the house too.

2018 MacBook Pro 15" Charging on external USB-C BatteryI ran my MacBook battery down to 10% and then plugged in the iWalk.

I then closed the lid (measuring the battery at 44 Watts) and returned a few of hours later. The iWalk was exhausted and the MacBook was now on 61%. So a rough guide is a 50% charge to this 15″ 2018 machine

In a 2nd test I ran the computer back down to 10% and plugged in the battery but continued to use the MacBook. This time the machine charged to 48%.

So in either scenario I got almost 4 hours extra run time (for basic surfing, blogging, watching YouTube etc).

The USB-C output port doubles up as the input for re-charging the battery too. With USB C PD input supported at up to 60W you can fast charge the iWalk using your Mac’s own USB Type C mains adaptor in around 4 hours. You can also charge multiple devices at once from its 3 outputs (1 x USB type C, 2 x USB type A).

[QC 3.0 output delivers peak 18 W output, USB C PD delivers peak 45W output, USB output delivers 5V 2.4A output]

iWalk 20,000mAh MacBook USB-C Battery

So then the iWalk Furious is ideal for my needs and at an affordable price. I no longer need to unplug my bedside mains adaptor, I just use my battery where ever I need around the house instead.

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Now, anyone know where I can get a short (25 / 30 cm?) USB-C to USB-C charging cable? 🙂

iwalk.net  :  Available from Amazon  :  REVIEW: The New MacBook Pro

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