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More Plex / iOS media goodness, this time from third party developers Ambertation.  Using the HTTP/XML API to the Plex Media Server, the German devs have created a beautiful universal app for iPad and iPhone that has to been seen to be appreciated.  Checkout the video after the jump.

KLEXi is a full-featured iOS client for Plex/Nine. Using KLEXi you can browse and play your media (videos, music, photos and the vast content of online media offered by Plex Plug-ins) directly on your iOS devices. This (of course) includes all photos from Aperture or iPhoto as well as music from iTunes.  KLEXi also work as a remote control for a Plex-Client running on your network.

In addition to those basic features. KLEXi offers some unique additions:

  • External Play: Watch your videos on an external screen (Requires a VGA to UniversalDock Connector)
  • Parental Controls: Restrict access (browsing and playback) for Movies and TV-Shows based on the content rating provided by the Plex Media Server (When using the parental controls, make sure everything works as expected before giving the device to your kids. You should never let kids use KLEXi unattended)
  • Download & Play: Download (and transcode) Movies or TV-Shows from any available Plex Media Server and watch then wherever you go
  • Wake & Go: Wake up sleeping Machines in your local network
  • Shake & Surprise: Shake your device while in shelf-view and KLEXi will pick a random item for you

KLEXi on iTunes   :

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  1. It does look good, but you’d think the Plex iOS app will have those features in due time, and surely it’s better not using 3rd party software if possible.

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