New HomeKit App ‘Devices’ is Free for Limited Time

Earlier this week we showed you how to add HomeKit control to your SmartThings setup. Now here’s a timely app launch that gives you another option for part of that setup.

‘Devices’ is a new Apple HomeKit app that aims to make managing your smart home devices easier than ever from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. LinkDesk say the app allow you to switch your devices on and off with a single tap and the light level can be adjusted too.

All your smart home devices are shown in an overview and can be sorted by category or location. This allows for quick, easy access to individual devices. The app is for iOS 8.0 or later, can be used with the Apple Watch and for remote access via Apple TV.Best of all, the guys from LinkDesk tell us the app will be free for the next couple of days…

…and as Christmas is fast approaching, we are offering Devices free of charge for a short period of time to share our excitement about this innovation with all early HomeKit users! Download on the App Store.

HomeKit App - Devices - iPhone ScreenIntuitive operation – Whether smart home devices are switched on or off in the home, and with which intensity they are running, is now clearly visible and can be adjusted with a single tap.

Convenient groupings – Smart home devices of the same category can be conveniently grouped and controlled together. This means, for example, that all lights can be adjusted simultaneously or all heaters can be centrally switched on and off.

Intelligent scenes – Scenes are displayed in a particularly clear and comprehensible way and can be triggered with just one tap. For example, a preconfigured absence scene can turn down the heating units, switch off all lights and automatically lock the doors.

Perfect timing – Devices can automatically be adjusted at pre-set times, either on a one-time basis or at specified intervals. Setting the triggers is just as simple as setting a traditional alarm clock.

New Apple Watch – You can now control your smart home devices from your Apple Watch quickly and easily and in the same intuitive way that your are used to from the iOS app.

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