New Savant Hardware Turns iPod Touch into Smart Home Remote

Savant Touch Remote

Savant has been using Apple hardware for smart home applications for years now.  Today’s latest announcement is the ‘Touch Remote’ – a device that transforms an iPod Touch into a home automation remote control, complete with hard buttons (often the thing that’s most lacking in a touch based remote control).  Savant point out this is a remote that you can also use for VoIP phone calls and FaceTime chat.  Savant’s Touch Remote will be on display at CEDIA 2010 and will ship to dealers Q1, 2011 with an MSRP of $399.

Savant Systems LLC, having delivered the first Apple-based home automation and control system, has announced the introduction of the Savant Touch Remote, a groundbreaking handheld interface featuring an embedded iPod touch. Savant’s Touch Remote will revolutionize the concept of remote control by integrating the familiar functionality of the iPod touch into a traditional remote control form factor that operates freely from room to room just like a wireless touch panel or Savant’s iPad solution. Never before has a user interface been so intuitive and versatile—so compact and easy-to-use.

Built upon Apple’s highest resolution iPod touch screen ever built and Savant’s award-winning and highly intuitive iPhone/iPod touch user interface, the “stunningly sharp” handheld Touch Remote is designed to deliver a simple, elegant and familiar consumer experience. The perfect balance of pushbuttons and touch interface, the Touch Remote supports Savant’s groundbreaking On-Screen Display (OSD) technology, providing control over everything from lighting, home theater, whole-house automation, media, security, network cameras, climate control—any home appliance connected to Savant’s control platform. Through Savant’s iPBX™ telephony platform, the Touch Remote is also a phone, enabling users to communicate to other zones within the home as well as to the outside world. “The Touch Remote leverages the functionality and high performance that Savant brings to control and automation by being the world’s only 100% Apple-based solution,” stated Savant CEO and founder Bob Madonna. “Because our new remote is based upon the iPod touch, it has allowed us to leverage our iPhone/iPod touch application, our own iPBX telephony solution as well as over 200,000 app’s that are available all within an elegant, lightweight user interface. Savant continues to be innovative and fast to market with technologies that broaden the capabilities of home control for consumers,” Madonna added.

Inside the Touch Remote, Apple’s new Retina display with 326 pixels-per-inch delivers four times the resolution of previous iPod models and features the latest LED backlighting technology and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to deliver optimum viewing while also conserving battery power. Savant’s Touch Remote is the most advanced and intuitive handheld interface ever conceived.

The Touch Remote is balanced for a comfortable fit and delivers immediate access to systems throughout the home with a few taps or swipes of its 3.5-inch color touch display or through logically positioned backlit buttons.


  • 3.5-inch multi-touch display, 326 pixels per inch
  • Dual mode communication, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless and RF
  • 18 backlit buttons with key transport keys
  • Available in black or white
  • Can receive wireless video from network cameras
  • VoIP calling over Wi-Fi
  • Tabletop docking station charger
  • Supports video conferencing via FaceTime®   :   Savant Launch Desktop and In-wall iPad Docks

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