Savant Introduces iOS Controlled SmartLighting Wi-Fi Switches

Savant’s new “SmartLighting” range is an IP controlled 802.11 Wi-Fi based lighting system.

Both the control system and dimmer hardware are built into the keypads, meaning the units can operate standalone, without the need for the regular Savant Mac mini based central processor.  The keypads can also be integrated into a full Savant system too but their autonomous wireless nature means they’re ideal for retro fitting to existing properties.

The Savant SmartLighting Wi-Fi keypads are controlled from your iOS iPhone / iPad and will also deliver real-time energy usage figures.  The system is expected to ship this October.  Read on for the full PR and check out the links below.

Savant Systems, LLC has announced the introduction of their SmartLighting Wi-Fi 802.11-based lighting control products, delivering a versatile solution that can be used as both a standalone lighting control platform or as part of a complete Savant automation system. Featuring a dimmer inside each Wi-Fi-connected keypad, Savant has created the ultimate customizable solution ideal for both new construction and retrofit lighting control that can be integrated without rewiring the home or commercial facility. Savant’s SmartLighting technology expands the brand’s presence in the growing connected home marketplace with a versatile Wi-Fi-based lighting control system.

Once the Wi-Fi lighting control keypads have been connected to existing line voltage and lighting load wiring in the wall, they become a powerful and secure networked device that can be controlled using Savant’s new standalone lighting control iOS app or as part of a larger Savant ecosystem. Savant’s double gang keypad features its own internal processor, eliminating the additional installation expense associated with external hardware and related wiring. Additionally, the Savant SmartLighting Wi-Fi keypads deliver real-time energy usage data, providing home and/or business owners instant access to energy savings data based upon dimming or turning off lights.

The elegance, simplicity and versatility of Savant’s Wi-Fi lighting products make lighting control a viable option for a broad new category of consumers,” explained Jim Carroll, Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Savant. “Now, the luxury and convenience of sophisticated and scalable lighting control can be achieved by leveraging an existing Wi-Fi network,” Carroll added. Initial system setup is fast and easy as well, which integrators can efficiently manage using an Apple iOS device.

Savant’s networked lighting control solution is ideal for the commercial marketplace, suited to such applications as event scheduling; having your conference room lights turn on just before a meeting, or having predetermined facility lights turn off once the security system has been activated, reducing energy costs. And because these lighting control devices operate on the network, Savant integrators will be able to offer remote system maintenance, control and diagnostics with maximum efficiency utilizing Savant’s Enterprise Management System to be introduced later this year.

“Our Wi-Fi lighting control solution is yet another in a series of intelligent devices designed by Savant to bring more features and functionality to a controlled environment,” stated Carroll. Savant’s Wi-Fi lighting control system including a standalone lighting control iOS app will become available October, 2013.   :   More Savant Articles

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