Savant Release Mac Platform

Savant iPhone Interface

Savant, makers of the linix based home automation system, have announced the release of their new Mac based platform.  This allows developers to create control systems based on Apple products, including the iPhone and iPod Touch.

“Savant Systems LLC, with a visionary approach to control and automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance-friendly open platform, has announced the introduction of the first ever home automation and control platform based on MAC OS X Leopard™. The company that brought you the revolutionary surface touch ROSIE Coffee Table has created a home control package utilizing a controller called ROSIE and a proprietary configuration tool called RacePoint Blueprint™. This package is the ultimate media experience for Apple developers delivering the best-in-class user interface that Savant has become renowned for within the CEDIA custom installation community. “For the first time, developers have a control and media platform that enables them to sell their Apple-based applications into the CEDIA marketplace via the Savant product suite,” said Savant president Jim Carroll. Participation in the Excellence in AV program will allow third party Apple developers to operate seamlessly in Savant’s system environment.

Savant’s graphical programming environment, called RacePoint Blueprint™, provides Apple developers with an application channel into the CEDIA industry. Savant’s unique combination of configuration software (found within RacePoint Blueprint™) combined with Quartz® Composer and Automator provides Apple developers with an extraordinary automation and control system for many vertical markets. Developers will have the capability to control and interact with such devices as flat panel displays, DVD players, AV receivers, set-top boxes, Apple TV® projectors, lighting, window treatments, and other equipment commonly deployed in multi-room residential settings as well as business installations and theatrical productions—without writing a single line of code. ROSIE delivers intuitive and graphically-rich control and has exciting interactive multimedia capabilities such as integration and interaction with many Apple®-based applications including iTunes® multimedia content and AirTunes™.

Carroll also said, “Developers can now have their applications invoked with the simple push of a button from any of our OS X-based interface technologies that include 5, 7, 9, and 12-inch in-wall touchpanels and a 13.3-inch wireless touchpanel along with Apple’s iPhone™ and iPod® touch.  Savant’s touchpanel application takes advantage of the unique user interface of Apple’s iPhone™ and iPod® touch. The developer’s application can be accessed via Savant’s rich GUI.  The entire Savant user interface can be accessed on the iPhone™ and iPod® touch with one hand”

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