The Best Mac Home Automation Platform Gets Even Better with Indigo v7 Release

The guys at Indigo Domotics have been working hard for more than a year on their latest release and earlier this week they launched v7.

Indigo 7 has dropped the ‘Lite’ option as it goes all ‘Pro’. The developers have clearly identified that the strength of the system is in its ability to integrate a variety of evolving smart home systems for its tech savy users.

Amongst the huge list of updates and improvements is the addition of the Z-Wave Network-Wide Inclusion (NWI) feature. This means you no longer have to remove the Z-Stick (or other controller) from your Mac to include or exclude devices. This functionality was required for Indigo to work with encrypted modules – another new feature – as the encryption key exchange has to occur within a few seconds of the network include. Here is a screen capture of the new device inclusion process in Indigo…

Indigo 7 - Network Wide Inclusion

We asked Indigo about the other new features and improvements and they told us…

Communicating with Z-Wave modules is now more efficient, and we’ve made lots of improvements to the plugin architecture. Several of our plugin developers are reporting a reduction of 30% to 50% for some of their processor intensive plugins. These performance improvements help not only reduce processor utilization for the plugins, but also for the Indigo Server and the Indigo Client (GUI). On the usability side we greatly improved how we display Z-Wave device settings. Here are 2 example dialogs for an Aeotec Dimmer and a Duwi Remote Switch…

Indigo 7 - GUI

In addition Indigo now supports RGBW Z-Wave devices. Here is an example showing the colour swatch (which brings up a system colour mixer when clicked) and a White Level slider for an RGB LED bulb…

Indigo 7- RGB LED Control

ID have also made good inroads into the on-going issues supporting all the latest Z-Wave hardware with over 60 new devices now supported – check out the list at the bottom of this page.

With v7 ID have moved to an all new Indigo Up-to-Date subscription service with their macOS software….

The MSRP for Indigo 7 is $249.95 USD. Along with that, we’re introducing a new subscription model to deliver more frequent updates rather than the old monolithic upgrade delivery. This will allow us to roll out new features as soon as they’re ready rather than having to roll them up into a major release.

Unlike some other software, Indigo does not require an active license to keep working, only to receive updates. The subscription also includes an ‘Indigo Reflector’ for easily accessing your system while away from your home without needing any network / firewall / static IP configuration (Reflector on its own was $29.95 / year previously). You can read how the subscription service works here.

indigo 7 - Development

Developers debugging an Indigo python plugin with PyCharm

If you are already a Indigo license holder then you can take advantage of this massive upgrade from $89.95. Upgrades are available going back as far as Indigo 4 Lite and you can checkout all the details here.

Indigo 7 requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) or better and is available to download now.  :  Indigo – Home Automation on the Mac Part 1

Main New Features

  • Significant Z-Wave enhancements & improvements
    • Gen5 support
    • Network-Wide Inclusion (NWI)
    • Z-Wave lock support (full encryption supported for all security devices)
    • Added support for over 60 Z-Wave devices
  • Insteon enhancements and improvements
    • New batch syncing for i2CS devices
    • Added support for several new devices
  • New device types (Virtual Sprinkler, Airfoil devices, Locks)
  • Native support for colour LED devices including native controls for setting colour
  • Significant performance and usability improvements across the board
  • Several new and updated 3rd Party Plugins designed specifically for Indigo 7
  • Many new features for plugin developers including native debugging

Z-Wave Hardware Supported by Indigo 7

Aeotec Door/Window Sensor (ZW120 Gen 5)
Aeotec Dry Contact Sensor (ZW097 Gen 5)
Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6 (ZW112)
Aeotec Doorbell (ZW056)
Aeotec Home Energy Monitor (ZW095)
Aeotec RGBW LED Bulb (ZW098)
Aeotec RGBW LED Strip (ZW121)
Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch (ZW078)
Aeotec Siren (ZW080)
Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6 (ZW099)
Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096)
Aeotec Multi Sensor 6 (ZW100)
Aeotec WallMote Quad (ZW130)
D-Link Door/Window Sensor (DCH-Z110)
D-Link Multi Sensor (DCH-Z120)
Danfoss Thermostat Room Sensor (Link RS)
Devolo Radiator Thermostat (09356)
Domitech Smart LED Light (ZE27)
Domitech Smart LED Light Bulb (ZB22)
Enerwave Appliance Module (ZWN333)
Enerwave Dimmer Switch (ZW500D)
Enerwave Smart Dimmer Switch (ZW500DM)
Enerwave Smart Wall Outlet (ZW15RM/ZW20RM)
Enerwave Motion Sensor (ZWN-BPC)
Fibaro Button (FGPB101)
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor (FGK10x)
Fibaro Single Switch 2 (FGS213)
Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS223)
Fibaro Smoke Sensor (FGSD002)
FortrezZ I/O Module (MIMO2+)
Heatit Thermostat (TF021)
HomeSeer Dimmer Switch (HS-WD100+)
HomeSeer Relay Switch (HS-WS100+)
Horstmann Radiator Thermostat (SRT323)
Kwikset SmartCode locks
Nodon Micro Smart Plug (MSP-31X1)
Nodon Octan Remote (CRC310X)
Nodon Smart Plug (ASP-31X0)
Nodon Soft Remote (CRC-360X)
Nodon Wall Switch (CWS-310X)
NorthQ Gas Meter (NQ-9121)
Philio PST02 Multi Sensors (PST02-A/B/C)
POPP Radiator Thermostat (TRV)
POPP Smoke Detector and Siren (004001)
POPP Solar Outdoor Siren (005107)
POPP Z-Weather Station
Qubino Flush Micro Dimmer (ZMNHDA and ZMNHDD)
Qubino Flush 1 Micro Relay (ZMNHAA and ZMNHAD)
Qubino Flush 1D Micro Relay (ZMNHND)
Qubino Flush 2 Micro Relay (ZMNHBA and ZMNHBD)
Qubino Flush Shutter (ZMNHCA and ZMNHCD), Flush Shutter DC (ZMNHOD)
Qubino Weather Station (ZMNHZD)
Remotec Scene Master (ZRC-90)
Sensative Door/Window Sensor (Strips)
Schlage locks (BE369/469 and FE599)
Vision Door/Window Sensor (ZD2102+) (newer version)
Vision Keypad Deadbolt locks (ZM1701/1702)
Vision Recessed Door/Window Sensor (ZD2105)
Vision Shock and Vibration Sensor (ZS5101)
Vision Siren/Strobe (ZM1602)
Vision Zooz Multi Sensor (ZSE40)
Water Cop (WV01)
Yale locks: Keypad Lever (YRL210), Keypad Deadbolt (YRD210/220/240) and Touchscreen Deadbolt

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  1. But are you going to come back to it? 😀

  2. As a frustrated Vera user, I’m going to investigate this. The main reason is compatability. I’ve been waiting months for a fix for the latest Qubino modules from Vera to no avail, and after a botched migration I’m at the end of my patience. The impact of this people are going to stop buying into the technology, coupled with the fact that most of the controllers lack polish. I’m concerned how this market is going to go. Its even more challenging if Apple get serious. All the zwave manufacturers need to work smarter together to release working products.

  3. Karl,

    I had numerous issues with both the old Qubino and new Z-wave + Qubino Flush On/Off thermostats and was at the same point as you in thinking about dropping Vera altogether, but Vera Support did some “small custom code to my controller to make sure the temperature was being updated” and this seems to have fixed most of my issues – but I’m still soak testing

  4. Thanks for the information.

    There is a work around for the updates I understand. I think it’s simply polling the device periodically manually.

    I’ve just checked the scope for the Beta firmware, and the I2/I3 issue is still there, which is disappointing.

  5. This guide is really complete and very informative. Thanks for sharing this guide post.

  6. Great update and support forums are fantastic. No need to consider the competition or look at any other smart home software. By far the most superior and best supported software in the market.

  7. The list of hardware is only of new modules added or improved in Indigo 7.
    There are many more which were already supported by Indigo 6

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