UK iPhone Gets 1.1.2 and No Data Limit!

With just days to go before the UK launch of the iPhone (Friday 9th November 2007), O2 have decided to drop the 200 megabyte “Fair Use” download limit.

This is good news for anyone considering an iPhone, and good sense from O2.  A few minutes ago T3 Magazine uploaded their un-boxing video showing the UK iPhone for the first time, complete with its new V1.1.2 firmware.

UPDATE – We’ve just received the following official quote from Sally Cowdry, O2 UK’s marketing director: on the change to the data plan conditions.

“When we announced our new iPhone tariffs back in September we broke new ground for O2, introducing unlimited use of mobile data services and The Cloud’s public Wi-Fi network. The iPhone offers the best internet on mobile experience in the market and we want customers to enjoy this without limit or worries about being charged a penny more.

To avoid abuse of this offering, a fair use policy was set in place at an amount that’s miles beyond expected average use. This policy was intended to prevent commercial exploitation or using the iPhone as a modem, both of which would put everyone else’s experience at risk.

We now appreciate that having set limits as part of the fair use policy conflicted with our objective of encouraging internet usage on the iPhone. People don’t speak in megabites and customer feedback has been that if we say unlimited, it should be unlimited.

We have listened to our customers and will be lifting these limits so that our original intention – for you to use your iPhone to your heart’s content – is what it’s all about with no confusion or distraction.

We look forward to our customers enjoying the fantastic internet experience on their iPhone when it goes on sale next Friday.”

UK iPhone

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