Useful Gadget of the Week : Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Audio

Neet Apple Minin Display Port to HDMI Plus Audio

After a ‘video only’ start, the DisplayPorts on most Apple machines have been carrying audio too since 2010 (check compatibility with your individual  model).

Now there’s an inexpensive and tidy solution to send that audio and video from your Mac to your HD TV via HDMI.  The Apple Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter cable with Audio from Neet Cables is available now for a very reasonable £10.95.

“Apple Mini-DisplayPort video outputs are now enabled for AUDIO on the latest 2010 Macbooks (i5 / i7) and latest 2009-10 iMac 27″ and 21.5″ models (Older Macs with Mini DisplayPort (eg: 2008-09 MacBooks and iMac 20″ / 24 can NOT output Audio over Mini DisplayPort).  Mini DisplayPort (MALE) 1.1a input and HDMI (FEMALE) 1.3b output – Supports 1920 x 1200 – 1080p FULL HD – Deep Colour – x.v.Colour – HDTV Advanced Features eg. 200hz / 600hz etc. Supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM.

This adapter is also compatible with PCs and other equipment that have Mini DisplayPort as well as Apple Macs.  Supports HDMI 225MHz/2.25 Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps all channel) bandwidth – Powered from Mini DisplayPort source – Approx 15cm Long”

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  1. I bought one and it didn’t support higher than 1080p (ish), so I couldn’t get full resolution on my Dell 30″ 2560×1600 monitor. However, bought the same basic cable from Lindy ( and it does high resolution, audio and everything else I might want. I think the price might be slightly higher, but they do near instant delivery and otherwise very happy with their service (now buy all kinds of other cables from them)

    No relationship other than a happy shopper

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