Video: RedEye Pro Controlling Home with iPad

Back in April ThinkFlood announced the RedEye Pro, their new 1U rackmount, Linux powered whole house IP / IR remote solution.  Now Volutone have put together this video tour of the unit in operation.  The system works with iOS devices, Android, PCs etc converting IP to IR and RS232 allowing you to control your home’s AV, lighting music etc…

“RedEye Pro goes beyond the home theater control of our original RedEye and allows you to manage a wide variety of equipment, including lighting and security systems, HVAC, pumps and sprinklers, and more. Of course RedEye Pro still lets you use whatever device you have handy as a controller, whether it be a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet. RedEye Pro further extends simplified control by allowing you to connect to more equipment.

First, RedEye Pro is able to control more than one room in the house at a time — it can even synchronize control across multiple rooms. Second, RedEye Pro comes equipped with a wide array of physical connections so that it can work with devices that receive infrared commands as well as those that communicate over a serial port (RS-232), using sensors, relays, and more. For example, by integrating with a lighting system, you can configure RedEye Pro not only to control the lighting as part of your activities, but you can also use light switches to control RedEye Pro and the other equipment connected to it. Imagine walking in the front door and having the lights come on automatically and your favorite music or radio program start playing quietly in the background.”

New RedEye Pro Linux Based System :  Android Phones

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