Viewing IP CCTV Cameras on Your iPhone

We love viewing our IP CCTV cameras on our iPhone, but some models don’t play so nice on the Apple device.  Our current favourite is the Y-Cam as it’s mjpeg stream works great on the iPhone.

However, there are ways of viewing your Axis, Panasonic, D-Link and other brands of cameras too on the iPhone and other mobile devices.  Read on for the special URLs that may allow you to see images when you thought you couldn’t..

While some cameras use codecs that the iPhone doesn’t support, in many cases there are special URLs that can me used to reach streams more suited to mobile devices.  In other cases you can view the last still frame from your camera.  Replace the <IP ADDRESS>:port below in each example with your actual IP/domain and port number.  For example, in the Axis case top of the list it would be – or

Camera Model: Most Axis Cameras:  http://<IP ADDRESS>/jpg/image.jpg

Camera Model: Most DLink Cameras: http://<IP ADDRESS>/image.jpg

Camera Model: AXIS (2100, 205, 206, 206M, 206W, 207MW, 211, 213ptz, 221,  241S, 241Q)
Possible URL: http://<IP address>:port/jpg/image.jpg

Camera Model: AXIS 205
Possible URL: http://<IP address>:port/axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?camera=1&resolution=320×240&compression=25
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?resolution=640×480&camera=1&compression=20

Camera Model: AXIS 240
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/fullsize.jpg?camera=1
If you want to change the default Axis cameraserver HTTP: port 80 to port 8001. Then you would access your camera via this URL. If you are on the other side of a router, then forward port 8001 to the cameraserver IP address.
Possible URL: http://<IP address>:port/halfsize.jpg?camera=4
If you wanted to use NO-IP DDNS service and you choose the url “CamUniversal”:
Possible URL:

Camera Model: AXIS 2100
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/cgi-bin/image640x480.jpg
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/cgi-bin/image320x240.jpg

Camera Model: D-Link DCS-2000 & DCS-2100+
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/cgi-bin/video.jpg

Camera Model: DigiLan TV7204
Possible URL: http://<IP address>:port/cgi-bin/video.jpg

Camera Model: Genius IpCam Secure 300
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/image.jpg

Camera Model: Panasonic BL-C30A
Possible URL: http://<IP address>:port/SnapShotJPEG?Resolution=320×240&Quality=Motion

Camera Model: Airlink101 AIC250
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/image.jpg

Camera Model: Trust NW-7100
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/image.jpg

Camera Model: Panasonic WV-NP240
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/cgi-bin/camera

Camera Model: Solwise SEC-MJCAS-210IR
Possible URL: http://<IP address>/Jpeg/CamImg.jpg

Do you know of any other cameras that work well on the iPhone or URLs to access frames from other models?  If you do please add them in the comments below.

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7 Comments on "Viewing IP CCTV Cameras on Your iPhone"

  1. thanks, interesting, tempted … three questions (!) please, regarding Y-cam :

    the blurb says “please note that Mac compatibility for this camera does not imply that all features will be available” – is it clear to what they might be referring ?

    wonder if the 802.11 b/g, rather than 802.11n, turns-out to be a significant limitation ??

    and, do you use it via the ‘net and/or via local Wi-Fi and/or ethernet, and do all work just as well, or … ?

    another question, please – was the image on the iPhone in the illustration one from a Y-Cam, or … ? ‘ask because it’s unusually well aligned & unusually undistorted – implying there’s some shift in the lens !

  2. Works fine on Mac / Firefox with the mjpg stream. Only thing I had to run up IE for (under parallels) was to setup motion detection – but more on that in the review soon.

    No need for 802.11n speeds here.

    We use it locally and externally over wifi and 3G / Edge / GPRS

    Image is actual image from Y-Cam Knight – inserted with photoshop for purposes of illustration.

  3. great, thanks …

  4. does anyone know the url’s for geovision?

  5. you can also get “cam viewer” which comes with a whole bunch of camera urls ready to go and it has a 6 cam view with fullscreen option and easy settings.. its simple but sufficient for what i want.

  6. I actually asked y-cam about the mac compatibility. They told me that you would not be able to set up motion detection with a mac (which can be solved as above) and that you won’t be able to get sound in a Mac. Seems strange to me.

  7. It’s strange you get this on a mac? Maybe it’s the activex?

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