XBMC (Boxee) on Apple TV

XBMC (Boxee) on Apple TV

The AppleTV is such an “almost there” device.  It’s in-ability to play popular codecs like DivX and stream from shares on your network have always left users wanting more.

Now Scott Davilla has released a USB patchstick image to add all that missing functional by installing Boxee, the media center software based on XBMC.

“Earlier today Scott released the USB flash drive creator for the AppleTV, which makes it relatively easy to get your Apple TV to run xbmc/boxee.

it adds a new menu option to your Apple TV that enables the user to launch boxee (as well as keep on using the Frontrow stuff). once you run boxee on Apple TV you can do stuff like play almost any video format, get a much richer experience of browsing your media library, listen to music from last.fm, send recommendations to friends, and more. you get the full boxee experience.”

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