Bluetooth CableJive dockBoss air Brings Music Back to Your 30 Pin Dock

Apple’s move from 30 pin to the new Lightning connector may have caused you some consternation if you had invested in a nice speaker dock.  The dockBoss air aims to solve that problem.  The Wireless Music Receiver for iPod and iPhone docks, connects to Apple (and Android) smartphones, tablets and computers and beams your music to your favourite speaker…

No cables. Clear Sound. Easy to use. Just one little adapter that receives a wireless connection from your phone and streams audio to your speaker dock. dockBoss air connects to a pre-iPhone 5 (30-pin) audio dock and receives audio from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Amazingly clear audio, big volume, and works with every Bluetooth device. Android, iPhone, Windows, all of ’em. Yeah!

dockBoss air is a wireless audio receiver that plugs into any pre-iPhone 5 speaker dock. Your Bluetooth-enabled device connects seamlessly to dockBoss air so you have control of your music from your phone or tablet – up to 33 feet away.


Lightweight and small, dockBoss air passes high quality sound through a wireless connection from any device that supports the  Bluetooth AD2P protocol, which most devices do these days. dockBoss air is compatible with most iPod, iPad, or iPhone docking stations including Bose SoundDock, iHome, and any other you chose to buy.

No-code pairing, super simple set up. Just click dockBoss air in the Bluetooth menu. We have an “easy button” too. Well, not really. But, to start using dockBoss air you will need to do the following: 1) plug the dockBoss air into the speaker dock. 2) Choose dockBoss air in your phone’s Bluetooth menu. 3) Play music.   :   Available from Amazon

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