HD Digital RF Modulator Creates “FreeView Channel” from HDMI Source

The Antiference DMHD01 is configurable as a DVB-T or DVB-C modulator or as an IP streamer for use in IPTV systems for multicast streaming.

It will take an HDMI source, encode it as a digital high definition channel and transmit it over your Coax just like a FreeView channel. Ideal for taking say your SkyHD or your Blu-ray player and putting it in your EPG as another HD channel around the house…

Here’s a new (and considerably simpler) way to send your HDMI signal to other TV’s around your house. Simply put this in-line with your TV aerial, connect your HDMI source thats it! Your HDMI source will now appear as another Freeview digital channel. Simply rescan the other TV’s on your aerial network and select the new channel to view. You can change the channel number and re-name the ID to whatever you like and even stream the signal over your LAN to a PC or tablet….Not only that, the modulated HD channel is also streamed via IP, so if you connect your DMHD01 to your router you will be able to watch whatever is being modulated as a stream direct to your phone or tablet.

Antiference DMHD01 DVB-T / DVB-C modulator

Our enthusiasm was dampened a tad though when we saw the price. The Conexer Digital Modulator currently costs £950. Ouch.

UPDATE – Checkout the Edision HDMI Modulator instead.

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2 Comments on "HD Digital RF Modulator Creates “FreeView Channel” from HDMI Source"

  1. Ouch indeed! Great idea, prohibitive price

  2. Check out the new lite version of the Conexer HD modulator which is much more cost effective & the next gen:
    Also Antiference has just launched a quad input version…

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