Home Automation Case Study: Custom Controls

UK specialist Custom Controls recently undertook one of their most ambitious projects. Read on for all the photos and details…

This project saw Custom Controls using and integrating just about every piece of automated control kit available including advanced audio, video, lighting and heating controls.

This project covered a total area of 10,000 square meters, including two villas and a substantial amount of land with a range of sports facilities and gardens, all requiring a range of high-tech automation systems.

The owner of the property wanted to create the dream getaway location, and this meant that the entire complex was to be packed with the latest in home automation technology. Internally, the brief was to provide full HD audio and video in every room, with the ability to share this across rooms, as well as being able to watch or listen from sources independently. Many of the rooms also required home cinema installations to enjoy a surround sound, immersive audio visual experience.


Bedroom TV and Artcoustic

Externally, Custom Controls were asked to include advanced automated lighting and audio systems throughout the gardens, basketball courts and terraces.  The entire property was finished off with high-tech, secure entry systems with CCTV monitoring and an internal communication system.  We’ve put together a quick run-through of some of the amazing tech used to complete this stunning project:

Video – The HD video sources in each room of the property are  linked up to a Kaleidescape DVD / BluRay Server, Satellite Receivers and Apple TV.

Flexibility and compatibility were key for the owner of the property, so as well as all of the in-built video and audio sources, Crestron Digital Media input plates were installed in key rooms, allowing the client to plug in a multitude of other sources including laptops, video cameras and games consoles.


Bedroom with Touchpanel

Custom Controls installed drop-down projector screens and projector lifts holding SIM2 MICO LED projectors in several of the rooms. The cinema system is entirely hidden away in ceiling and walls, and is revealed via touch screen controls in each of the rooms.

Audio – The property was set up with nearly 60 separate ‘audio zones’ with remote amplifiers all linked in to a centralised Crestron Sonnex audio distribution system.


Artcoustic Speaker in Lounge

For the audio system, Custom Controls installed Artcoustic DFF-180-43PRO speakers linked up to Artcoustic DFS-180-43 subwoofers and the sound was then fully equalised for each room to create the best acoustics. For the gym, this included adjusting the audio controls to take into account the resonance of the gym equipment. Suffice it to say that the quality of sound produced by these high-end speakers is hard to beat in a residential system.

The audio systems were extended outside with Bowers & Wilkins WM6 outdoor speakers being installed to the basketball courts and terraces – in this house you’ll never be without a soundtrack.

Lighting & Heating – The Crestron Greenlight system was installed at the site with over 300 lighting circuits to control. Manual and automatic lighting profiles were set up at the home, which include automated nightfall settings applied across the whole property to ensure the estate always looks its best. As well as being controlled across any of the wall-mounted control panels, the lighting was also set up to have the option of being controlled remotely by any iPad or Android application.


Wine Cellar

Each room was installed with a KNX interface to enable the temperature of each room to be controlled automatically or manually by residents.

Security – To ensure the safety of the estate, the automation system was topped off with intuitive fingerprint readers at the front gates, meaning the owner doesn’t ever have to worry about carrying a key. The security system also includes an adjustable setup to control when staff are able to access the property. Thirteen high definition cameras were installed across the estate which are all accessible across the televisions inside the properties.


Bathroom Touchpanel & Mirror TV

Finally, a Crestron Digital Media System was installed to link and control all of the installed systems, completing an incredible project in what is surely one of the most technologically advanced properties around.

Custom Controls are specialists in the design and installation of Home Automation systems, whole-house AV and home cinemas, completing projects in the UK and globally.

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