Just Add Power’s HDMI Over IP Solution Explained

Just Add Power - HDMI over Ethernet

Just Add Power’s HDMI over IP solution is now available in the UK.  This new “game changing” system converts a HiDef signals to packet data meaning it can be sent across a normal Ethernet LAN.  Check out the video and the other photos after the jump…

“Undoubtedly one of the most exciting new products unveiled at CEDIA 2009 in Atlanta this year, HDMI over IP has got integrators across the globe all hot under the collar.   If you weren’t able to attend the conference, you can watch the YouTube demonstration below.

Exclusive UK distributor connectivityuk.com have already put the product in the hands of some eager CEDIA award-winning integrators keen to put the technology through its paces – so far feedback and results have been extremely impressive. The professionals all agree, HDMI over IP is “game-changing”.

There is so much to talk about; it’s hard to know where to start!  HDMI over IP brings together the scope and scalability of everyday Ethernet LAN networks to distribute full HD 1080p video and 5.1 audio. Using advanced processing technology the HDMI data stream is encoded, broadcast over the network as IP packet data and then decoded back to a full 1080p signal … a completely different technology to traditional baluns and extenders.

Comprising of two products currently, the Transmitter and the Receiver, HDMI over IP can be implemented as a point-to-point solution just like a traditional balun pair, a point-to-many solution like a traditional distribution amp or most excitingly a many-to-many solution like a traditional matrix switcher.

Reliability is also one of HDMI over IP’s strong points being the only HDMI over Cat5 cable extender solution that is immune to the skew, distance, and resolution headaches that plagues all the other HDMI extender offering on the market. HDMI over IP requires just a single Cat5/6 cable and this can be run over a huge 300 metres without loss.

HDMI over IP is an integrator’s dream, not only because of its virtually limitless application scope, but also because of its easy integration with Crestron, Control 4 and pretty much all widely used control systems.

To implement a matrix solution a Managed Ethernet Switch is required, this is because the HDMI over IP technology uses virtual local area networks (VLANs) to create HDMI channels on a network. Receiver units on the network can connect to any chosen VLAN to display that particular HDMI channel. For example, you could have Sky HD on one VLAN, a Blu-ray player on another VLAN, a HD Games Console on another, and so on. It is possible to control which VLAN a receiver connects to by adjusting the configuration of the Managed Ethernet Switch. This can be done via an RS-232 or Ethernet control device or just a simple web-browser window.

Just Add Power - HDMI over Ethernet

HDMI over IP takes advantage of Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP). This enables instant switching – there is absolutely no picture dropout. IGMP is the vehicle that allows a Receiver to join an already in progress data stream broadcast. When you tell a Receiver to change to a different VLAN, it joins the already in progress video instantly.  HDMI over IP has some clear benefits over rival systems:

1. Scalability – typically an Ethernet switch will have more than enough ports to accommodate all the TX and RX units required in a set-up, often there will be spare ports left over, especially on 24 or 48 port switches. If another HDTV or HD source is required to be added to their collection, another TX or RX unit can simply be purchased and added into the network. With traditional Matrix switches you are buying into a fixed form factor that does not typically accommodate upgrading or expansion.

2. Flexibility – you can mix and match different resolution displays on the network without having to lower the quality of your HDMI sources.  Other HD Matrix solutions typically require the inputs to match the resolution of the least common denominator.  Because the HDMI over IP Receivers have built-in resolution adjustment, you can go ahead and set your HDMI sources to their highest resolution supported (1080p, 1080i, 720p, etc).  This means you can enjoy 1080p content on the main screens, and save some money by installing 720p screens for the kitchen or the kid’s bedrooms.

Just Add Power - HDMI over Ethernet

3. Affordability – when you compare a legacy HDMI Matrix switch with all of the devices needed to distribute the signal throughout the home, the HDMI over IP solution generally comes out as better value. Not to mention the frustration of wondering if the long HDMI cables or the finicky baluns will work with the necessary cable distances. The HDMI over IP solution can extend a HDMI source much further than Baluns, and it is always reliable and consistent.

It is hard not to see the huge potential in HDMI over IP technology. What can be now be achieved with High-Def distribution projects exceeds all previous limits.   We would like to invite all interested parties to visit www.hdmi-over-ip.co.uk to join our soon to be launched discussion community and learn more about what HDMI over IP can do for you.”

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4 Comments on "Just Add Power’s HDMI Over IP Solution Explained"

  1. great, looks to be the best way to do it … the fully digital way, I guess … at the moment, costs seem to be a bit high (a quick Google indicates a bit over 200GBP for a receiver, a bit under 300GBP for a transmitter) – but it certainly would make good use of all the Cat-5 we’re all running through our houses !

  2. Pretty cool.
    But it looks like it gets a bit complicated if you want to add more than one transmitter. Some form of simple switching in the receiver so you can access transmitter 1 or transmitter 2 etc would have been a good idea. or maybe they are saving that for the next release.

  3. realtime user | November 19, 2009 at 11:18 pm |

    whats the latency in encode to decode? i want to use this in realtime

  4. There is no detectable latency with the Just Add Power HDMI over IP devices – they have been demonstrated to be suitable for playing interactive video games (Xbox and PS3) with the console in one location and the screen(s) elsewhere on the LAN.

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