Kaleidescape Video Store Expands to United Kingdom

Kaleidescape have announced that their online video store is now available in the UK.  The service launches with around 400 films and over 450 television episodes from Warner Bros.  Movies purchased from the store will include all the usual extras and files will feature up to 1080p/24 and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD where available.  Kaleidescape will also incude the UltraViolet rights for the titles you purchase for viewing on mobile devices…

Kaleidescape, Inc. today announced that the Kaleidescape Store, its industry-first service that enables the digital delivery of movie purchases over the Internet in the highest quality available, is now available in the UK. The new service was launched in the US in December, and is initially backed by a multi-year license agreement with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. The service is also the first to enable the electronic delivery of all of the extra content found on physical media.

Kaleidescape System owners in the UK will be able to purchase and download movies directly to their systems from the online Kaleidescape Store. This makes it easier than ever for Kaleidescape customers to expand their film libraries and experience the highest quality content in their home with just a click of a button. Movie lovers will now enjoy:

  • Pristine video with resolution up to 1080p/24 and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio lossless soundtracks and bitrates matching physical media
  • Easy upgrade of DVD quality content to HD downloads
  • Automatic UltraViolet rights, with mobile playback from the Flixster app and website
  • Bonus features including director’s commentary, alternate endings, deleted scenes and documentaries
  • Clear indication of titles they already own while shopping, including Blu-ray discs and DVDs
  • Easy purchase of an entire collection, such as Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture, with the unique Buy all button
  • A single manageable library for viewing their entire collection of Blu-ray discs, DVDs and downloaded titles
  • Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings and reviews while shopping

For passionate movie lovers and avid film collectors worldwide, Kaleidescape movie servers provide an unrivalled experience for enjoying films, television shows, and music. Kaleidescape experts have hand-picked thousands of the funniest, scariest, most action packed, and emotionally charged scenes from thousands of the most popular movies of all time, which users can access directly using a remote control or iPad. Only a Kaleidescape System enables jumping directly to a favourite song in a Blu-ray or DVD concert or musical. That experience is now available for downloaded content, together with all of the movies a customer may already own on disc.

“The Kaleidescape Store is everything you’d expect from Kaleidescape,” says Gary Lewis, owner of London-based custom installation firm Cornflake. “There’s no longer any need to compromise the very best audio and video quality in order to get the convenience of Internet delivery. And, of course, downloads from the new service can be enjoyed with all the richness of the Kaleidescape user experience.”

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution is the first to license content for sale in the UK through the new Kaleidescape Store, providing over 400 films and over 450 television episodes. To ensure Kaleidescape System owners have access to their movies on their mobile devices, Kaleidescape has also licensed UltraViolet rights for inclusion with the purchase of most titles in the Kaleidescape Store. UltraViolet is the home entertainment standard for movies in the cloud. Once a movie is purchased through the Kaleidescape Store, that title can be automatically added to the customer’s UltraViolet account, and then viewed through any participating UltraViolet retailer service, including Flixster.


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