LG Announces 2 New Smart TV Upgraders plus Redesigned of Platform

LG’s UK Blog has announced 2 new TV Upgrader models (the SP520 and SP820), both coming this year. We’re assuming this will herald the death of the ST600?

Hopefully these new models will deliver a much better user experience than the first attempt and it looks like the Plex guys will be supporting it again.

This year also sees the launch of two Smart TV Upgraders (SP520 in March and SP820 in May), offering users the opportunity to access the LG Smart TV platform from any TV with a HDMI connection.

A complete redesign of the LG Smart TV platform is launching in March / April including a new motion activated Magic remote control with voice activation (these remotes will probably ship with TVs rather than the Upgrader boxes though).  Other highlights include Dual core CPUs in top line Smart TVs and Wi-Fi will now be included in 70% of new LG TV models.  Check out the video below..


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  1. VIZIO Led tv reviews | April 2, 2012 at 4:41 pm |

    Many people don’t recommend this LG upgrader. Why is this so? Are there some features that need to be redeveloped?

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