Marmitek ‘TV Anywhere Wireless HD’ Transmits 1080p HDMI Output to Another Room

Marmitek TV Anywhere Wireless HD

Wireless IR extenders were a thing back in the nineties and noughties (who remembers the X10 Pyramids?). Now Marmitek promises to send HD video as well as IR with its new TV Anywhere Wireless HD system.

The wireless pair of units, a transmitter and a receiver, can send full HD 1080p HDMI signals up to 50m through walls and ceilings around your home.

You could, for example, send your Blu-ray player, Sky, Virgin or other cable or satellite output to a bedroom TV. Or perhaps use the system to send the signal up to a projector.

Marmitek's New TV Anywhere Wireless HD is 1080p HDMI Extender

The loopthrough feature allows you to watch the same content at two locations simultaneously and you can operate your AV equipment remotely using its infrared return feature. You can even connect your keyboard and mouse to the receiver to control a PC remotely.

Marmitek say the unit supports HDCP and is “fully compatible with all HDMI versions”.

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