mHub : An Affordable 4×4 Multiroom HDTV System

Here’s a brand new multiroom HD TV distribution system that will send 1080p to four rooms in your home.

mHub from HDanywhere allows you to plug-in four HDMI input sources (think Sky HD, Blu-ray Player, Games Console, Apple TV etc) and access these at up to four HDTVs throughout your home simultaneously.

The 4×4 Matrix Supports HD resolutions up to 1080p at 60Hz (including 3D) and distributes your HDTV up to 50 metres over a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable with the ‘Follow-Me TV’ feature allowing you to pause a movie in one room and resume watching it in another.

The systems IR control means all of your devices and TVs can be controlled using the SmartControl remote.  On top of that there’s RS232 and IP control so you can integrate the system into third-party home automation setups (Control4 and Crestron drivers are in the works) or control it directly from your iPhone or tablet.

The mHub can be hidden away along with your four input sources in a cupboard or even in another room and mHub’s mini receiver box tucks behind your HDTV. The only visible element to mHub is the infrared transmitter that attaches to the side of your TV.

HDanywhere mHub

The mHub package should be a fairly straight forward DIY install and works out at £250 per room. The kit includes the central hub, four mini receiver boxes with 5V power supplies, four infrared transmitters and receivers, and the HDanywhere SmartControl.


The four room mHub setup is available now for £999.99 including VAT and we hope to get our hands on the kit in the next few weeks for review. In the meantime tease yourself with the videos below…  [Thanks Paul]

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6 Comments on "mHub : An Affordable 4×4 Multiroom HDTV System"

  1. Excellent bit of kit but too late to the party …

    This would have been a godsend 3-4 years back.

    Now a lot new equipment is sporting hdmi 2.0 and 4k is flavour of the month and this looks really dated.

  2. Prembo – I think plenty of people are still interested in distributing 1080p. We watch our SkyHD in the bedroom from the RF2 out over COAX for example so this would be a welcomed upgrade in the Automated Home.

    2K is certainly coming as you say but I think it will be years before it’s *mainstream* and even later after that, that people are buying 2K matrix switchers.

  3. Mark, I agree with you. 1080p is still what people will want to stream today. However the price of £1000 for this unit which will become (almost) obsolete real quick is much harder to swallow. 3-4 years, I’ve snapped it up.
    Back to today and 1080p, I’d look for cheaper alternatives …..

  4. Prembo – what do you suggest that will do 4×4 with IR/IP/RS232 control? Thanks

  5. I recently just bought one,

    I think its fantastic – the only issue I had with it was that the video feed didn’t work with my amp as well so had to connect it through the TV + coaxial audio cable which is connected to Amp and problem solved.

    I did think it was expensive but was the best priced solution for what I had installed.

  6. The problem right now is that while you can buy 4k compatible matrices that will shunt UHD Over single Cat cabling, they are not yet HDMI 2.0 compatible and tend not to support the higher refresh rates of 50/60hz while also costing a small fortune. If you are in the market for multiroom av distribution at present, this seems to be the best solution as nothing else on the market ticks all the 4k boxes right now. And to be honest, HD is better than coax!!!

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