NaimNet Previews Customisable iPad app

NaimNet iPad App

Naim are famous for their high-end music servers boasting music playback with bit-for-bit accuracy.  Their NaimNet system also offers home automators control of lights, AV, screens and blinds, heating, and security.  All Ethernet connected, using a standard domestic PC network.  It’s not surprising then that Naim have joined the ever increasing band of companies identifying the iPad as a their smart home controller.

“NaimNet today announces a preview of their new, fully customisable, iPad app.  The iPad is very new and NaimNet’s view is that it is too early for themselves, installers or integrators to have enough experience to maximise the wonderful potential of the iPad.

One unique feature of the NaimNet iPad app is that, as an example using simple HTML5 code, a plan of the home can be developed and illustrated. Rather than a room listing as a starting point for the control functions, most people would find a plan view far more intuitive. We know, however, that to an extent intuition is partially as it says and partially previous experience. Some fine-tuning from the experience of installers and potential clients will be included before the app is signed off for final release.

The app will of course control audio, video, heating, lighting and security and can be adapted and added to as required. Any IP security cameras can be viewed on the iPad as can enhanced, searchable cover art.  The NaimNet control app will also originate and manage timed events across the whole home from something as simple as an alarm clock function to full control of lighting and heating at specific times to suit a family’s lifestyle*.   :   NaimNet

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