New In-Wall Bluetooth Amp Frees Music from Mobile Devices

Keene have launched an updated version of their neat in-wall Bluetooth amplifier.

The unit fits into a standard UK two gang wall box and provides 20W RMS per channel. It’s an easy way to add music to a kitchen, bedroom, study, bathroom, workshop, or anywhere else around your home.

To use the amp you connect your mobile device to it via Bluetooth and control the volume from your device. When you disconnect or stop streaming the amplifier automatically switches into low power standby mode (0.3W).

Whenever you connect again it instantly wakes up to deliver “clear powerful audio”. During installation you can choose from one of seven Bluetooth ID’s to avoid any confusion with multiple installations. There are no switches or remote controls and Keen describe it as a “fit and forget” solution.

  • Up to 20W RMS per channel
  • Low distortion Digital Class D design for high efficiency with minimal heat
  • Fully Automatic fit and forget design
  • Takes up no more room than a twin plug socket
  • Ultra low current draw in standby (less than 20mA = 0.3W @15vDC)
  • Supports Bluetooth SSP for quick pairing.
  • Supports A2DP Codecs: SBC, MPEG1,2 audio / mpeg2,4 AAC /ATRAC /APTX
  • LED’s for status and confirmation
  • Flush mount or surface mount (25mm depth)
  • Detachable speaker connectors for easy install.

The KLABXB Bluetooth Express Digital In-wall Stereo Amplifier and Power supply kit costs around £120.00 and for a limited time Keene are offering it with free pair of 5″ moisture resistant loudspeakers.

Available from Amazon

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