New Myro:Air High-End AirPlay Receiver Offers 2-Way RS-232 Control

Myro Control have opened pre-orders for their new Myro:Air system after gaining Apple Certification for AirPlay and Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The Myro:Air is the first AirPlay receiver that employs a built-in Wolfson WM8741 Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), allowing users to stream high-quality uncompressed audio from iTunes or an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network

The addition of Myro:Link technology adds RS232 ports and using Myro:Air’s protocol, it can be controlled by Crestron, AMX, RTI, Control4, Russound RNET or any other system that can interface via RS232. This provides an easy way to control playback remotely (play, pause, next track, previous track) as well as display metadata (album, artist, title, stream type, elapsed time). The Built-in USB port on the back of the Myro:Air allows users to dock, charge or playback audio directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Bypassing AirPlay entirely for superior audio quality whilst maintaining an active charge while you play music.


We are seeing more and more people use their iPhone and iPad as their primary media playback device and use cloud-based services to manage their audio. Myro:Air with AirPlay allows one to easily stream audio while in the home from services like Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes Radio while being able to easily continue playing in the car without the need of sync’ing anything up. Just get in your car and continue right where you left off. It’s an elegant and seamless transition. said Danny Mavromatis, founder of Myro Control.

Myro:Air is expected to ship in the U.S. beginning in May for around $600.  :  More AV Articles

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