NuVo Next-Gen Wireless Multi-Zone Audio System

NuVo Technologies will introduce its next generation IP music player at ISE in February.  The new P3500 professional series player joins the NuVo Wireless Audio System lineup and will simultaneously provide three separate zones of 200 watt audio from a single rack-mountable unit while integrating with a wide range of custom install hardware.

As part of the NuVo Wireless Audio System, the P3500 can work in conjunction with NuVo’s P100 and P200 wireless players, and the P3100 professional series player, to create a truly customised mastering-grade audio solution for up to 16 zones. All players offer streaming internet radio and access to network-stored digital audio libraries, and feature convenient control through free apps for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Furthering the promise of versatility, NuVo’s stand will also show a variety of sophisticated, pre-developed control drivers for operating the NuVo Wireless Audio System components through third-party automation systems. With licensed drivers available from Vantage, AMX, BitWise, Control4, Crestron, and RTI, integrating the NuVo Wireless Audio System into a larger automation solution is simple and straightforward for installers, while offering an exceptional user-experience for the homeowner.

NuVo Wireless Audio System

The P3500 will launch at around £2,500.  Check out the link below for more details.

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2 Comments on "NuVo Next-Gen Wireless Multi-Zone Audio System"

  1. 3 zones for 2500 at seems expensive. And I don’t like the idea of combining multiple zones into one piece of hardware. Had bad experience from that type of setup before.

    Don’t see this having the edge over Sonos. Speaking of Sonos, was in curry’s the other day and they were selling Sonos, but also a similar system but can’t remember the name of it.

  2. Agree with Eamon. In my family we use Logitech Music Server hosted on the excellent Vortexbox system (free to install if you have a spare computer lying around) and can sync different players into different zones, as well as just playing in one room.

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