OpenRemote Integrates with Sonos

In the same way as broadcasted television and video playback has changed into streaming, IP-TV and “on-demand” watching whenever you like, wherever you like, also playback of music is changing. A music system should nowadays be a part of the home automation system, being able to set-up for different scenarios. It should also be able to be controlled from where ever you want.

OpenRemote gives a good overview of your integrated products, but what was missing was the integration of my multi-room music system from Sonos. Sonos introduced their first product 2005 as a high-end multi-room music system: easy installation, wireless, with almost no need of cabling. With Sonos your private music collection, radio channels, Spotify and many other music services become available, embedded in only one product accessible and controlled individual for each room. Sonos devices create their own WiFi network SonosNET to share information and stream music between each other without drain the performance of your own network.  It is possible to connect your own amplified speakers, your own amplifier or use wireless speakers from Sonos.

Sounds like a perfect solution ? The lack of possible ways to integrate with these products, made many home automation integrators needed to go for other solutions.

The Sonos OpenRemote integration – With the Sonos OpenRemote integration your music solution comes one step closer to a fully integrated home automation system. Now you can control your Sonos music system not only by the dedicated Sonos remote or by your phone.  Sonos OpenRemote integration also makes it possible to control functions like “change track” or “increase the volume” as in my case by KNX devices like physical buttons, or automated by defined events such as “turn of the music when I leave the house”.

The OpenRemote integration adds the most common commands to your own OpenRemote (UI) graphical user interface layout such as play/pause/next track/volume etc, as well as add the possibilities of display information like the current track playing.  Another additional feature, is that it´s now possible to reach the Sonos system outside your local WiFi network.

How does it work? By installing Node.js which is a platform based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, you will be able to run the “Sonos HTTP API” server software. The “Sonos HTTP API” server will do the translation of the Sonos commands to “http” commands that OpenRemote can interpret and execute.  With the API server up and running you can freely create “http” commands in the OpenRemote Designer to communicate with your Sonos devices. Enjoy your new integrated music system where OpenRemote take care of even one more function in your house.  See OpenRemote ‘How To – Sonos’ and the Sonos home page

Reproduced from the October / December 2013 Newsletter with kind permission of Henrik Gjörloff and

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