Review: Inateck BH1000 – Value Bluetooth Headphones for an Active Lifestyle

Earlier this year I confessed my headphone fetish as I moved to wireless Bluetooth.

There’s no underestimating the freedom from wires that Bluetooth brings so we were delighted to receive a new set to try out from Inateck

The BH1000’s come in their own little zip-up pouch and there are two sizes of silicon earbuds included in the box (S/M and M/L) to ensure a good fit in your ears.

There’s a micro USB cable enclosed for the built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which provides up to 8 hours of play time (200 hours standby) from a 3 hour charge.

The whole setup is a light 118g and magnets hold the two ear buds together forming a circle around your neck to avoid them slipping off when not in use. The ‘sweat proof’ headset has an IPX4 rating, making it ideal for the gym, running, riding, dancing, traveling or whatever kind or workout you like. Of course they work just fine sitting still too (phew).

Inateck say the Bluetooth v4.1 chipset (CSR8645) is compatible with 99% of Bluetooth-enabled phones, tablets and other devices. I tried them out on a variety of hardware including my MacBook and iPhone and their volume and transport controls (hold down volume buttons for next/previous track) worked well.

Inateck BH1000 Diagram

I tested the range from my iPhone and found that I could go into the room next door, with the door closed, around 10 metres away and still stream music with out it breaking up. Excellent.

They go plenty loud and there’s a built in apt-X circuit (if your device supports the standard) and theres’s a microphone that works with IOS and Android for phone calls too.

While they don’t have the deep bass of more expensive wireless headphones I found the BH1000’s sound ideal for casual music listening and they’re especially good for listening to podcasts and audiobooks and they won’t break the bank if you leave them on the train or in the gym. Available from Amazon.

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