Roku Now in the UK as Plex Announce Official Support for the Platform

Roku in the UK with Plex Client

A couple of bits of news that make it a significant day for anyone that wants to stream Movies, TV and music to zones around their home.  Firstly Roku, the US based media streaming solution is now available in the UK.

There are two devices to choose from, a 720p capable streamer (the LT) at £49.99 and the 1080p Roku 2 XS at £99.99.  Secondly, both boxes are now officially supported by our favourite media center software, Plex. Here’s the latest news from Plex team leader Elan Feingold on the Plex client for Roku.

“We’ve had a private channel available for a few months, but we’ve really been working hard to make it even more awesome. In a great example of why I love the our community, a Plex team led by Schuyler collaborated with Alan, Matt, L0stS0ul and others from the forums to create this new version.

If you haven’t seen it for a while, this is what’s new:

  • Full myPlex support: Sign into your myPlex account, and you get instant access to your media queue, shared content, and your own servers that you’ve published through myPlex. So easy! So awesome!
  • Audio and Photo support: We now support browsing and playing the full range of media that the Plex Media Server supports, both from your library and channels.
  • Revamped UI: as you can see below, we’re now using grids on a lot of screens now, and there’s a nice Plex-like theme throughout.
  • Direct Play: For media formats that are supported by the Roku, we’ll try to play it without transcoding.
  • Tons of other stuff, including many bug-fixes.”

Roku 2 XS 1080p Player   :  Plex Blog Post   :

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5 Comments on "Roku Now in the UK as Plex Announce Official Support for the Platform"

  1. Do these devices support Plex as a client or server..

    I’d love a fully featured Plex client/server with keyboard for easy searching but the only one I can think of at the moment is a Mac-Mini and they are not cheap ;-(

  2. Hi Pete – The Roku is a client. The range of Plex supported hardware / software is growing all the time. There are official servers for Windows, OS X and Linux (including some NAS devices). Clients include Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Roku and LG plus un-supported ones for Apple TV, Linux and Samsung Smart TV devices.

    You don’t need a Mac mini now Windows is supported. You can use a little Atom powered ION nettop PC like the Acer Revo to run both apps (client and server).

  3. Does this unit have the facility to add proxy server settings?

    Many thanks

  4. Does the 1080p model output HD audio in either bitstream or LPCM

  5. From the Plex guys – AFAIK the roku never does anything with LPCM. it likes stereo AAC and can do passthru of 6 channel AC3 if you’ve got it configured that way. we’ll direct play MP4s with AAC or AC3 and transcode to AAC or AC3 based on whether you have it configured for 5.1 or stereo

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