Systemline 7 Zoned Music Integrates With KNX Home Automation

Armour Home has announced the latest addition to its custom installation portfolio, Systemline 7.

S7 provides high quality audio in up to 24 separate, independent zones, offering fully integrated access to your stored music in up to 24/192 resolution, plus a wide range of network services including Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Tune-in radio and BBC Radio iPlayer.

The system is controlled by a slimfit touch panel using either an iPod Touch or a mini iPAD and also has a KPS11 hard button keypad. S7 uses an open access internet protocol gateway which encourages connectivity and allows two-way communications with third party control. This means that S7 will easily interface with other home automation systems and building management systems like KNX.

The NetAmp is a network connected smart amplifier which deals with all of the amplification and control related to each zone. It also features a smart system for switching between TV sound and multi-room music including a full 5.1 home cinema zone with support of direct control from Sky, Virgin and Humax YouView handsets.


We asked Armour Home for a guide to the cost of this integrator friendly whole house music system and they told us…

A four zone Systemline S7 system starts at £2,300 to which additional zones can be added at a cost of £375 per zone. You can have up to 24 zones in total. All prices include VAT but exclude speakers & installation cost.  :  More Smart Home A/V systems

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1 Comment on "Systemline 7 Zoned Music Integrates With KNX Home Automation"

  1. A very sleek solution that Armour have come up with and we have already had the pleasure in trying one out. It can seamlessly be controlled from the Miniserver.

    If you were at the the Essential Install Live you may even have spotted the Miniserver behind the scenes acting as the gateway between the KNX bus and the IP network to control the S7 system.

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