UK Case Study: MerIidian Adds the Hi Res Audio Magic to Mayfair Mansion

Meridian Audio has collaborated with Hertfordshire-based home theatre specialists Prestige Audio to create the ultimate Hi Res Audio experience in the media room, and kids’ TV room, of an opulent seven-storey family home in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

“It was clear from the beginning of the project that the experience was the most important factor for the client,’ says Russell Bryce of Prestige Audio. “But we also needed to take into account the short project timeframe and the restrictions on installation, because of the cost of the furnishings and artwork in the room. Meridian delivered the ultimate media room audio experience that was easy to install and provides a phenomenally authentic sound. After a completely stress-free installation we were delighted with the result, the room sounds incredible and the client couldn’t be happier.”

In the main media room, Meridian provided two Special Edition DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeakers to provide the left and right channel audio, positioned on either side of the 100 inch Sony TV. The DSP8000 SEs deliver an exceptionally powerful sound, capable of not just conveying the drama and excitement of an action scene, but adding real depth to quieter, more peaceful moments. The loudspeakers’ custom finish in silver, RAL 860-M, ensures that the pair blend perfectly into the interior design of the room, and look just as much a work of art as the client’s extensive collection on display.

A DSP7200SE centre channel speaker is positioned beneath the Sony 100 inch 4k TV in a bespoke unit, and two DSW sub-woofers are placed on either side of the room in custom cabinets with ventilation. Four DSP320s provide in-ceiling audio with colour-matched grilles to blend seamlessly into the ceiling, clad in luxurious Alcantara fabric to assist with the room acoustics.

The shallow profile and innovative design of the DSP320 loudspeakers enabled Prestige Audio to specify a discreet solution that blended into the interior design of the room. The DSP320 contains all the system’s electronics within its 300mm square and 100mm deep enclosure, including digital audio converters and two integral, powerful 80W class amplifiers for wide-range and bass drivers. This means that, as with all Meridian loudspeakers, the DSP320 removes the need for an amplifier in the rack, which not only reduces the complexity of the installation, but also reduces power and thermal management requirements and improves system reliability.

Prestige Audio specified Meridian’s HD621 audio processor to provide the link between the Blu-ray player, Sky TV box and Apple TV to the Meridian system, as well as ensuring that audio and video remain in perfect synchronisation. The Meridian 861, also installed in the room, ensures Hi Res Audio performance and Meridian Room Correction, providing the ultimate movie-watching experience.

While the whole family can watch movies together in the larger media room, the children have their own space in an adjoining room to play video games and watch movies with their friends. The client wanted the room to be a fun, relaxing space that would still provide a fantastic audio and visual experience for the kids. Featuring an 85 inch Samsung TV with an Apple TV, Blu-ray player, Sky box and, of course, games consoles, the room also comes with a full Meridian sound system.

Prestige Audio specified three Meridian DSP3300 loudspeakers to be installed in a cabinet below the TV, providing left, centre and right channel audio, with two DSP3300s positioned in cabinets on the back wall to deliver the rear channel audio. A DSW sub-woofer is hidden in a custom cabinet with ventilation. Meridian’s technology far exceeded the client’s expectations for the system, ensuring that the kids have a fantastic experience while gaming or watching films.  :

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