Video: Installing a Flush AV Backbox with Syncbox

We noticed a new product making a bit of a stir in the custom install world so we asked the makers to tell us a bit about – Syncbox…

When companies are installing Syncbox we make sure that they take pride in doing so because making something look beautiful and elegant requires care and precision which is what we pride ourselves on.

A Syncbox was recently installed in a stunning property in London that is currently being refurbished. The slim line box adds to the property’s fresh new look which is what the homeowner wanted to implement. The homeowner was very impressed with the amount of cover plate styles and finishes, whether it be “Exclusive Metal” or “Personal Plastic”.

The metal cover plates are produced by Focus SB who are very popular for their high quality covers that are used in luxury hotels and high-end residential properties. We were able to produce the “Antique Bronze” cover for the owner which looks really nice in the living room.


The work was for a company called AV Innovation who are extremely efficient when it comes to installations. The large number of AV and electrical installers using Syncbox is continuously growing. They can clearly see that it beats the traditional system on time and cost with the added value of its good looks.


Syncbox is now a complete range of products which can be turned into an advanced wiring build consisting of the four main elements: TV, Media, Audio & Power. Customers are able to adapt the Syncbox to their own unique specification and with large projects we can help with the technical drawings.

Syncbox is now being used by the UK’s largest and most prestigious house developers like Crest Nicholson, Redrow & Berkeley Homes. As well as being backed by successful business owner Deborah Meaden for its unique style and endless potential.


Syncbox is the only choice for a professional TV installation, television manufacturers do not supply a recessed power outlet for plugs or even a recessed power outlet to enable their beautiful screens to fit flush to the wall. With the connection cables plugged in, the cables protrude from anything between 35mm and 40mm from the wall and so we created the first recessed power point. With Syncbox all your cable connections are recessed, so your flat screen doesn’t have to sit away from the wall.

The reason why Syncbox is such an in demand product is due to there being so many benefits compared to the traditional system:

  • Recesses all power & TV Mounting
  • Bespoke cover plates
  • Tidy & protected cabling
  • Ultra-flush TV mounting
  • Easy installation
  • Simple one box system
  • World-wide adaptable
  • Save time & money

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1 Comment on "Video: Installing a Flush AV Backbox with Syncbox"

  1. Looks like a great piece of kit but for one potential problem from your Syncbox dry wall demo install video, which combines ELV & LV cabling.
    I quote from “CEDIA Smart Home cabling requirements for the modern home” from page 16 states that:
    Low Voltage and Extra Low Voltage cabling requires some special consideration when being run around the property. Due to the type of signals they carry, they are susceptible to interference from mains and high voltage cabling.
    The following is from bullet point 6:
    Cables shouldn’t run parallel to mains/lighting cables for any distance greater than 2m, unless at least 450mm apart. There are no problems if cables just cross at 90 degrees.
    I personally when installing cables avoid the practice of running mixed cable types for any sort of distance side by side, I try to approach the end termination point from one side with LV & the opposite side with ELV.

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